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I came here because I wanted to find new recipes, but what I found was 1/4 of the nearly 350 pages of recipes tagged vegetarian contained meat.

I am sure this is because people are unclear on what vegetarian is. It is very simple and here it is. Forget all the unnecessary splinter groups. There are two types. Vegetarian and vegan.

Vegetarians and vegans both eat no meat. What is meat? Any dead animal. Contrary to what someone you met once claimed, poultry and seafood are also animals. Meat is not limited to having hooves or fur.

Vegetarians will eat dairy because this product does not result in death. (But, what about eggs you ask! They're unborn chickens! No, they're not.) Most vegetarians eat only organic dairy produced by ethical practices thereby ensuring animals do not suffer for their eggs and milk.

Vegans eat nothing that was produced by an animal. Full stop.

"Some vegetarians eat chicken and fish." No. Some people just choose not to eat hooved animals.

"My friend at work is a vegetarian and eats seafood." Your co-worker is a pescetarian. They eat animals; they limit their prey to what comes out of the water, but they should not be grouped in with vegetarians until seafood is reclassified as vegetable.

Please feel free to post any non-dessert vegetarian recipes you have! Honestly, you are welcome to posts desserts too, but I think the challenge is the meal, not desserts. :-)

annie Kelly
May 29, 2015

Doesn't seem to be active

I am sorry to leave but this group doesn't seem to be active anymore..

annie Kelly
May 25, 2015


I just came across this group. My son in law turned vegan about 2 years ago. He is a true vegan. I did it for about 2 mos and lost 12 pounds with out even trying. I slipped off the wagon and naturally gained it all back. I am going to do it again because not only did I lose weight but all my blood work came back good at that time. So I am restarting again. so I look forward to chatting with everyone and swapping recipes.

rayna maxey
Jan 26, 2015

feeling hungery

I have been feeling so hungry just after I eat. I try not to eat to much meat. When I do eat vegetarian I'm still hungry. any suggestion? To day I had a huge salad with just a small piece of meatloaf, no carbs, no dairy. I'm hypoglycemic which means I have to make sure I eat enough protein with a small amount of good carbs and have to eat often but know Dr. want me to try cutting back on dairy. I'm hungry I could go for a slice of cake or a bowl of cereal. Help please. and I'm getting tried of rabbit food.

Melanie B
Nov 11, 2014


I just shared a cheese ball that has bacon for garnish. Can you please remove it?

Aug 3, 2014


I hate using ground beef because I love cows. Most of you probably know about Morning Star Farm crumbles. I use them for Swedish meatball, chili and stuffed cabbages. Not so good in meat sauce for spaghetti. They are reasonably priced.

Aug 3, 2014


I eat meat occasionally, but try to find as many vegetarian meals as I can. I hope I am welcome if I share vegetarian recipes such as: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Coleslaw

rayna maxey
Jul 8, 2014

Here's another one

I found this recipe on JAP. I like it.
Vegetarian Salisbury Steak by Rebecca Trent

rayna maxey
Jun 2, 2014

found a good one.

I found a recipe "Quinoa salad w/ beets & arugula" by Teressa Drenth. This is sooo goood! I added about 1/4 crumbled tofu. To crumble I gently pressed out all the water with several paper towels. Then crumbled in my fingers over the salad. mix in and enjoy. I severed it to my family and they loved it.