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Check the Facebook page lately? In a poll, stuffing/dressing was ranked by fans as the best part of Thanksgiving! What's your stuffing style? Share a favorite stuffing/dressing recipe here to enter to win:

PRIZE: Lodge Cast Iron gift pack including individually-sized cast iron mini servers, silicone hot handle holders, trivets and pot holders! We'll name the winner on 11/21.

LaVonne Herrera
Nov 21, 2011


Grandmas stuffing. Simple and the best!

Thank you Pam!! I was so exited I started screaming and scared the crud outta my hubby and kid! I put the link here for my grammys stuffing.

Pam Ellingson
Nov 21, 2011

Is Lavonne's recipe posted here?

I want to congratulate Lavonne on her win!!! I bet the stuffing is filled with good memories.

I was just wondering why I didn't see her post in this discussion group. I know she posted it on Sunday, but haven't been able to find it.

Mom's homemade Turkey gravy

Drippings from the Turkey and any excess stuffing that fell out of turkey
Garlic powder
Kitchen Bouquet for color
Flour or Corn starch to thicken

Kitchen Crew
Nov 21, 2011


We're excited to announce that LaVonne Herrera's recipe for "Grandma's stuffing. Simple and the Best!" was the recipe chosen at random to win the Lodge Cast Iron gift pack! Congrats to LaVonne! Thanks everybody for participating. Next contest will be coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Here's the recipe:

Grandmas stuffing. Simple and the best!

Nov 20, 2011

Marie's Dressing

I got this recipe over 20 years ago from my neighbor Marie (she is no longer with us) :(
It is my family's favorite!

6 to 8 pieces bacon, slightly frozen
Chop bacon fine and brown
Halfway through browning bacon, add 1 cup celery, 1/2 cup yellow onion,1 Tbls. red pepper,fresh mushrooms,water chestnuts,pecans,
parsley-all finely chopped. Add mixture to 1 pkg. Bell's Stuffing prepared according to pkg. instructions. Add a couple of pieces half-way hard white bread to mixture. Add salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients until damp. Stuff turkey or bake in pan until done and brown on top.

Peggi Anne Tebben
Nov 20, 2011

Where to post??

Are we supposed to add our recipes in a post, like here or add to the group up top to enter contest?