Christmas Cookie Queens

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Best Christmas Cookie Recipes.

kay d
Oct 25, 2012

snickerdoodle cookies

i want to make snickerdoodle cookies and need a good recipe for them, any suggestion?

Dawna Granger
Oct 20, 2012

I didn't know you was here

I think I have hit the jackpot!!!! I never grew up with the holidays and as I became an adult I never got into them. However, now that I am married and have friends that LOVE the holidays, I have been searching!! In my quest I received a recipe for cookies with a happy little tradition with it and I have posted.

Christmas Kismet Cookies

I look forward to sharing and learning new recipes.

Oct 12, 2012

Rummage Sale Finds make me happy

Today I went to a rummage sale and found, a Mirro Cookie Press ($.50) with some plates that the one I have was lacking, so now I have a spare press and some extra plates, just in time for my Thanksgiving baking binge.
I also found a Mirro Decorating Press ($.25) in it's vintage 1950's box, with all the tips.
And, my biggest find of the day was not cooking related, but it is awesome..a Husqvarna 2000 sewing machine In original case, mint condition with an automatic buttonhole maker for $10.

Oct 2, 2012

Bake Sale Suggestions?

I somehow got volunteered to bake for a benefit bake sale next weekend. I'd like some suggestions on what would sell well, but maybe be a little unusual. It's my first time being asked to do anything like this since I moved here, so it's really important to me.

kay d
Sep 26, 2012

peanut butter cookies

does anyone have the Watkins peanut butter cookie recipe? it was published in a Watkins cookbook many many years ago. My Grandma used to make them and they were yummy

kay d
Aug 21, 2012

cookie baking season

i cant wait till christmas cookie baking season!!! love to try new recipes and see all the pics of other peoples yummy cookies

Roda Laser
Nov 21, 2011

Memories of Grandma

Every Thanksgiving my Grandma would come up and spend a couple of weeks with me and we would bake several kinds of Christmas cookies. We also made candy too. The one cookies that was always requested was grandma's wedding cake cookies. It is a recipe that was passed to her from her grandmother and she passed it on to me. Here it is and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as my family and friends do. Grandma Sharon's Mexican Wedding Cakes

Janet Lawhon
Nov 21, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Several years ago I started baking cookies and making candy for my siblings for Christmas. After the first year, they looked forward to their "presents" because I usually had 5 different cookies and at least 2 flavors of fudge in there. Boy, was I the poplar one in our family!