Blondies & Brownies

Hosted by Jenni K
Group active since Wed, Nov 09, 2011

Come and share your favorite brownie recipes, add-ins, and delicious creations!

Nancy Allen
Nov 19, 2011


Glad to be apart of this group. I love both blondies & brownies but,I can't seem to get the edges to stay soft. They come out rock hard whether I make them from scratch or use a store bought mix. Looking for some helpful tips, Thanks!

Patricia Stephenson
Nov 12, 2011

just to cook

I joined this group to cook more and better dishes. Some of you have the best recipes. I just don't know what to add. You guys are so good.

Carol Junkins
Nov 11, 2011

Nice Group

Glad to join, love brownies as well. Just added my mom's recipe, simple but after trying so many I still go back to it, memories I suppose.

Jenni K
Nov 9, 2011


I love blondies & brownies because you can add in so many different things to create an array of different flavors. What are your favorites?