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You want to cook some good,simple and easy german recipes?
Well, then you are right here!

We're station in germany right now.
I'm married to the best hubby ever!!

Jessica Williams
Nov 10, 2019

Endlessly searching for the "Meriniks" recipe

I have married into a family with roots from Russia. The entire family talks about a recipe that I spell as "Meriniks" because I don't know German spelling. I cannot seem to find this recipe anywhere online. I cannot find anything that even sounds similar to Meriniks. So I don't know if it was originally called something else and then just got translated over the generations into Meriniks. The one time I observed my MIL making the Meriniks recipe, I wrote down most of what I could quickly. It looks something like this:
4-6 cups flour, 10 eggs (to make egg dough) which is then rolled flat to about 1/4" thick into squares. These are then filled with one of two fillings.
Filling #1- Cottage cheese drained through a strainer stirred together with 6 chopped green onion tops & salt/pepper for seasoning.
Filling #2- 6-8 peeled/mashed potatoes (with milk, butter, salt and pepper added to make your "standard" mashed potato recipe).

Either filling recipe is spooned onto the dough and they are pinched into triangles. The meriniks are then placed in a boiling pot of broth. (Broth: 2 quarts of chicken broth, add chicken bouillon.) They are cooked through when they float.

There's an additional piece to the recipe that goes with it, Skillet with melted butter, 4 pieces of stale bread ripped into pieces and fried in the butter until crispy. I cannot recall if these homemade croutons are then placed into the broth or not.

Has anyone heard of this recipe? Is it called anything else?

Mathilde Teitgen
Jun 25, 2016

Peach Kuchen similar to Plum Kuchen

I'm searching for a recipe for Peach Kuchen. The dough is a yeast dough. The peaches are sliced and put on top of the dough in a jelly tray or tray. It is very similar the Plum Kuchen. The Plums or Peaches are fresh. Some recipes mention custard mixed with the peaches but the recipe I'm seeking is one that does not have custard.

Years ago, a friend from Bavaria would make both the Peach Kuchen and Plum Kuchen for parties. This is the way it looked. I just can't find the recipe. Could you help me please? Thanks! Mathilde

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Michelle Evans
Jul 13, 2015


My name is Michelle. My husband and I are of German descent. Our last name is Evans because his Father was Welsh. My husband loves when I cook authentic German food, and I love it too. Looking forward to seeing wonderful recipes and feeling at home. Have a great day!

Sherry Blizzard
May 19, 2015

Sauerkraut....No APOLOGIES

I grow my own Dinosaur cabbages in Alaska. I come from German descent and I like my sauerkraut. I find that 6-8 weeks fermentation is best for me. I don't care if the kraut is seasoned or not ....I just like the fermented cabbage and the seeds are just "whatever". I find there is a place for all intensities. What is important to you? Put it in there.

Linda Smith
Jun 4, 2014

Just found this group

Hello my grandparents were German. I would be interesested in some German recipes. Grandma was a wonderful cook and baker but whenever ask how much of something goes into a recipe she would say till it looks right. I find myself cooking that way.

Emily Schaefer
May 11, 2014

Onion Pie

I have a German to English cookbook, titled The Art of German Cooking by Betty Wason. LOVE IT ! However the recipe for onion pie in it is different from the onion pie my husband remembers growing up in Germany. He loves this version of Zwiebelkuchen, but says what they made where he grew up is more bread dough rolled out, covered in sliced onion, and rolled up. Says they serve it when new wine is ready. His Mother made it too. Anyone know of this version?? He grew up in Iffezheim , along the Rhine border with France.

New to the site

My mother is half German, and there are many recipies that I'm looking for that she has a hard time finding. What I'm looking for is a classic german potatoe salad. Anyone out there have one?

John Placke
Sep 8, 2013


I was stationed in Germany for 3 years, I have been looking for this pork marinade for years. I used to buy this pork sandwich on a brochen, it is usually sold at festivals. It is cooked on a swinging grill. The pork looks a little pink when cooked. I think it was called swank steak. Please let me know if you have this recipe. Thanks