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This is for all the fun aunts out there! Lets share the fun recipes we love to feed to our nephews and nieces!!!!!

Leila Khader
Nov 13, 2011

Welcome All

Thanks for joining! I think we will have lots of fun exchanging recipes as well as becoming friends! Feel free to message me and share your stories or if you just want to vent!

~Fellow Aunt


Nov 11, 2011

Chocolate Recipes

I've posted my oldest nephew's favorites,he's the chocoholic in the family. Hope you enjoy them too!

Nov 9, 2011

Love it!

I love the idea of this group,I've been married 30 years and was never blessed with my own children,so my nieces and nephews are "my kids" . I often have them over to eat. My oldest nephew is a chocoholic,anytime he has dessert,it must be chocolate. Another nephew became a vegetarian this year,so I always make something special for him. One nephew is a picky eater but what he does like,he eats! The others love EVERYTHING!
Looking forward to sharing recipes for my kids!