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This group is for discussion, questions and information sharing on raising your own farm animals such as chickens, goats, rabbits, cows, sheep etc...whether you raise them for meat, milk, fun or whatever, share it here!

Sherry Blizzard
Aug 8, 2015

Get in your veggies!

Juicing while I can. Freeze your leftovers in ice cube trays, transfer to zip lock baggies and you'll have veggie juice all year round. Mean Green Morning Juice

Sherry Blizzard
Aug 1, 2015

HELP! Turnip Pickles?

I need a turnip pickle recipe if anyone has one. Thanks :)

Sherry Blizzard
Jun 7, 2014

Yay! I just posted my 50th recipe on JAP

Tickled to death...that's a milestone for me! I love the comradeship here at JAP. This place, and checking in with my groups has become an important part of my day. I have very few friends who enjoy cooking. They like to be cooked for instead, so there are not many that share my passion. In case I haven't said so lately, I appreciate all of you here at JAP!

Donna Graffagnino
Feb 6, 2014

Oysters a la Donna

Please vote for my Oysters a la Donna that is entered in the JAP Food For Love Recipe Contest. Don't forget to vote EVERY DAY! Send me a link to your entry and I'll vote for you, too! Mine is Original. Thanks!!!

Sherry Blizzard
Jan 30, 2014

Superbowl Dinner or Snacks

What is everyone making for superbowl Sunday?

Sherry Blizzard
Jan 19, 2014

Yes....the Baking Soda and Apple Cider Hair tonic works!

Millie and CinStraw suggested washing my hair with 1 TBSP of Baking Soda/1 C water and then following up with a rinse of 1 TBSP apple cider vinegar and 1 c water. I am here to tell you it works! My hair is softer than it has been in a year. I called my mom (who was a cosmotoligist for most of her life) who said that baking soda will strip all impurities off the hair, any kind of build-up of products like hair spray, gel, and even iron that in my water. She said the apple cider vinegar will restore hair to it's natural ph level. All 3 ladies are correct! My hair feels and looks great.

Carol Parkhurst
Dec 24, 2013


Posted 9:14 PM on Mon, Dec 23, 2013
Carol Parkhurst mscarole

7 Hours Ago

Sherry Blizzard
Dec 15, 2013

NOT happy! Haggis???

Last night, we had our staff Christmas party. Why do I always get stuck with the crappy gift at the Chinese auction gift exchange? We are supposed to bring a gift (minimum $25). I ended up with this stupid jar of Scottish Sauce for Haggis. The recipe the idiot included with this jar included using sheep stomach, liver, heart, tongue, suet, oats and other nasty stuff. The sauce ingredients look currants, dates, whiskey, apples, onions etc. What else can I do with this sauce?