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A lot of us have enjoyed the R.V. lifestyle. It is a great family get away and more and more it is a retirees dream.
The fun thing is learning to stock your limited pantry and learn to cook for 2 or a family in the small kitchen conditions.
We full timed for 5 years..I learned a lot and learned to make do with what I had and still make good food without buying out.
This can be a culinary adventure and I want to hear your camping stories

nellie rickey
Jan 25, 2012

outdoor kitchen

as we know the space in a rv kitchen is limited..I implemented any cooking tool I could find outside..I had a stow and go barbecue that had a flat grill on one breakfast was crock pot was always smelling up the neighborhood come dinner time,I had a special area outside storage for cooking utensils and spices..seemed more like camping this way lol

nellie rickey
Nov 28, 2011

tips for travel fridge

Before I left for a extended rv trip I always cooked my bacon and sausage first..I halfed the sausage so some would be pattied and some loose browned for casseroles and gravy..I popped it all in the the morning we were out for early starts all it meant was toasting a english muffin and putting a half slice of cheese on each side with sausage in the middle..I sliced a pre boiled egg and put that in there..wrapped tightly in a paper towel and nuked for 30 seconds we were better than mc donalds

nellie rickey
Nov 8, 2011


the answer is a as long as your here hit the join button and lets start something good

nellie rickey
Nov 7, 2011

shared a great appetizer

I shared a great recipe that I have used for quick get togethers and easy to do in a small kitchen rv friendly reuben bites

nellie rickey
Nov 6, 2011

kitchen prep

ok for those who have a freezer in their rig..before a trip I will always precook all my bacon and sausage patties and put them in baggies..I would not cook all the way through..let the microwave finish cooking..these would be utilised for many things..the quick breakfast was to use the double egg microwave untensil for eggs..toast 2 english muffind..put a half slice cheese on the top and bottom muffin..add egg..add your choice of bacon or sausage..wrap tightly in a paper towel and nuke for 30 seconds..the cheese melts and holds the sandwich together..when you make a quick lunch stop the bacon comes in handy for blts..clubhouse..ect..and the bacon always comes in handy for extra flavor in your dinner salads..

nellie rickey
Nov 6, 2011

Road tripping

welcome..this is a new topic for those interested in sharing the tips and tricks for full time rv lifestyle or just weekend camping I think this will be fun