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Share your devotion to God. Share a bible verse. or a devotion for others. I look to the Bible,God and The Holy Spirit each day. Leave a verse,or a devotion,Maby it will lift up another. All are welcome. No one is to judge or be judged. If you have something to post that mite inspire others. Feel free to post.

sallye bates
15 Minutes Ago

Daily Word - Pray for Others

I pray knowing we are all one family in Spirit.

Today I lift my heart in prayer for all people everywhere. We are all divine creations—united by this sacred denominator. I pray for myself. I pray for all mothers, all fathers, all sisters, and all brothers. I pray knowing we are all one family in Spirit.

In this moment of spiritual communion, I lift my vision beyond walls, nations, or beliefs. I lift my awareness to God, the source of infinite love that unites us all. I speak these words with love, “I behold the light in you. I am grateful for the gifts you bring to this world. My prayer for you is abundant health, wealth, and joy. I pray this in the nature of the living, loving, Christ Presence. Amen.”

And the king will answer them, “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.”—Matthew 25:40


sallye bates
24 Hours Ago

Daily Word - Joy

Turning inward to Spirit, I find true joy that fills and lifts me.

Life can have up and down moments. Despite what or when they may happen, I can find joy at any moment. Joy provides me with appreciation for the up moments, faith to face the down moments, and peace during the times in between.

True happiness comes from being in touch with my true nature—my Christ Essence. Gladness is always present within me. Like love, it is a natural part of who I am.

Trusting and being in touch with God is the key to experiencing bliss. This inner joy then shines forth as peace no matter what is happening in my life or in the lives of those I love.

Turning inward to Spirit, I find true joy that fills and lifts me.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.—Romans 15:13

sallye bates
Monday at 11:00 AM

Daily Word - Comfort

God is with me—my comfort and my guide as I journey through life.

I find comfort in the familiar. It’s easy to love life when everything is going the way I want and I feel secure. But when I’m facing change and life becomes stressful or uncomfortable, I may feel paralyzed and unable to move forward.

I find comfort and strength in prayer. Spirit whispers in my heart to let go and trust. Following this gentle guidance, I let go of the past. With faith I let life continually move me forward with a sense of peace and security.

There may be times when my journey will be a rocky and hilly climb, but when I reach the pinnacle of my climb, the view is glorious.

I know God is with me to guide me and comfort me through any uncertainty. God is with me to make my way smooth and steady.

This is my comfort in my distress, that your promise gives me life.—Psalm 119:50

sallye bates
Saturday at 7:56 AM

Daily Word - Nurture

I am renewed and nurtured by my earth home.

Today is an opportunity to give thanks for our planet. The earth provides me with food to eat, water to drink, and air to breathe. With each sunrise and sunset, I feel a connection to God—the creator of this bounty. Season after season, new life appears. The earth is constantly refreshed and renewed.

I am also renewed spiritually as I contemplate my oneness with God and with all people on this planet I call home. Just as earth provides for me, I provide for it by making choices that support conserving the beauty and wholeness of nature. I see God in all of life and in all areas of my environment.

As I am renewed and nurtured by this earth, I am able to nurture others. I give of myself freely and serve willingly. I am blessed to be a conduit for the activity and love of God.

Love never ends.—1 Corinthians 13:8

sallye bates
Friday at 8:18 AM

Daily Word - Letting Go

I let go of the past and explore new possibilities.

Sending children off to college or watching loved ones leave in service to their country may feel as though we are releasing them into a vast unknown. Letting go is much easier when we know that those so precious to us, no matter where they go, are enfolded in the presence of God.

Each time we or our loved ones follow our dreams and set new goals, we do so in the presence of God. We let go of old ways and explore new possibilities. As we focus on the unlimited opportunities we have to express our inner qualities, we step forward and act on them. Soon the unfamiliar becomes familiar, which inspires us to keep going.

To this end we always pray for you, asking that our God will make you worthy of his call and will fulfill by his power every good resolve and work of faith.—2 Thessalonians 1:11

sallye bates
Thursday at 7:33 AM

Daily Word - Guidance

Inner wisdom guides me to new ways of thinking and being.

Wisdom is an understanding of spiritual Truth beyond the limited knowledge of our mortal minds. It allows us to see everything from the perspective of infinite love. Guidance is the spiritual gift that allows us to understand how that wisdom can best express in our lives.

We each receive wisdom and guidance differently. For some—like Saul on the road to Damascus—there will be a blinding flash of illumination. For others, the same spiritual guidance expresses gently and gradually.

The guidance I receive reflects the spiritual purpose that is uniquely mine. Peacefully and in perfect trust, I turn within, quieting my mind and opening my heart to the wisdom that guides me through any challenges I may face.

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!—Proverbs 16:16

sallye bates
Wednesday, April 19 at 6:32 AM

Daily Word - Inner Peace

I surrender to the Christ Presence within and find peace.

How freeing it feels to be awake to and aware of Spirit that is present within me now and always. I take this moment to allow the sweet surrender of peace to dissolve any concern. I move through life with ease and grace, releasing any anxiety about always winning or being in control. Divine love enfolds me and strengthens me.

I relax deeply as peace fills my heart and mind. I am one with God—one with all life—safe, loved, and deeply grateful for each blessing. Every false belief drifts away. I affirm the powerful words Jesus spoke, “Peace, be still.” I speak these words to my restless thoughts. I am calm, centered, and serene.
I surrender to the Christ Presence within and find peace.

I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace.—John 16:33

sallye bates
Tuesday, April 18 at 7:08 AM

Daily Word - Faith

All things are possible with God.

What is faith? To know, to believe without proof. Some people say “seeing is believing,” but I know believing is seeing. By having faith, by knowing the good I want to experience is possible and awaiting my discovery, I bring it into being.

Faith guides me. I affirm God is my wisdom and my strength. If someone tells me what I want to do is impossible, I believe in the “impossible.” I affirm: All things are possible with God.
Beyond simply believing the solution is already in place, I take steps to manifest the good desires of my heart. I envision the results I desire. I affirm the good I want to experience, knowing the Universe gives abundantly.

So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.—Mark 11:24