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A place where Just A Pincher addicts can come hang out and share those woes and Loves of their addiction to this site over coffee and alot of food!!

Teresa Jacobson
Apr 14, 2013

New group for people with GOUT

Need to talk about what works and doesn't with others that deal with gout? Want to find/share low purine recipes? Me too! New group for us! "Gout Busters- Low Purine Diet"


Candi Hummer
Jan 22, 2012

Welcome & I'm up past my bedtime LOL

Welcome all newbie JAP addicts! I'm up later than normal for myself because I'm still winding down from an amazing day. As most of you know I'm collecting unused wheelchairs for our community foodbanks and other community events for elderly, vets and disabled. Today i had a gentleman deliver 4 of them to my home, and if that wasn't good enough, 2 of them are electric!!
Then I got a call for a semi overload of 500lbs of idaho gold potatoes for the foodbank!
I'm so incredibly grateful!

What a mighty God we serve!!

I am a little anxious for the week to begin tomorrow, I have a very busy week ahead with 2 foodbanks, deliveries to the senior center, getting the wheelchairs all cleaned and ready to go! AND, I'm starting a "no caffine" fast bright and early in the morning!.... I already am praying on it! Part of me feels it'll be no big thing with the Lord by my side(it helps that I dont drink alot of caffine but I do love my coffee!!), and the other part wonders just how hard the next 5 days will be!!

Anyhow, going to try to go to sleep again, sweet dreams fellow addicts!
♥ Candy

Kristi Luce
Jan 21, 2012

I survived..

the first week of school. With Monday being a holiday we didn't really do too much other than a class overview, except in my Art History and Computer Graphics class.

So now I can spend some much needed time on JAP....hahahaha

Jan 16, 2012

NEW GROUP - "We Love Oatmeal"

Hi all!
I just created a new group called "We Love Oatmeal" as I didn't see one (surprising!!). Please join me and share your favorite recipes that contain oatmeal/oats. Thanks!


Candi Hummer
Jan 8, 2012

Goin a lil nuts!!

Hub's has overtaken my laptop for his resume for this promotion, which is fine, it's the best one to be used for that!
However, I'm goin through JAP withdrawls bad, lookin forward to church this morning, I need it BAD!!
Miss Y'all

Kristi Luce
Jan 8, 2012

It is after midnight

and I am still on here...lol

What am I going to do when I start my classes on the 18th...oh yeah the college has computers in the library. I can still check in...lol