Dinner 911

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Comes a time we're all looking for ways to squeeze dinner in between; school, work, sports, entertaining, holidays, birthdays parties, baby shows etc.. That we just throw something on the table, and run off to do something else. We dont have to skip on a great family dinner and get takeout. Let cut kitchen time, not flavor. Quick meal with little effort but GREAT taste...

Dec 11, 2011

Welcome Newbie..

So glad that you op bye to join and give out great recipes.. I am always looking or a aster recipes that still taste like you slaved all day.. Cant wait to see more.. Keep up the awesome work..

Much Love
Nikki :)

Roberta Savio
Nov 13, 2011

Quick and easy

I don't have kids either, but still love quick and easy meals. Sometimes I just don't know what to make for dinner and by the time I think of something...lol..it's too late to defrost.
I love potato panakes and they are a cinch...I have a recipe that will post to this group, though this recipe is made with leftover swiss chard, you can surely use just potatoes, with peppers and onions. Add a salad and it really is yummy.

Nov 10, 2011


So glad that you stopped by to join, we already have wonderful recipes.. Keep up the great work and i am posting more meals too..:)
Let have so fun...:)

Marla Fagan
Nov 9, 2011

Good deal

I would love some new and easy dinners! I use to have a hot dinner every night when my kids were younger and I was also Younger. LOL. Iam raising my grandtdaughter and my other grandkids are over alot!!!! I'll tell you the truth between campfire, dance class and the other grandkids I am waving a white flag on dinner. I did have a lot of easy cookbooks likequick and easy dinner or dinner in 20min. but like a dummy I gave them away many years ago to a young mom that really needed help one on learning to cook and to needed hot meals fast. I love cooking always have but these days things are crazy!!! I know it will ease up a little hopefully, but until then HELP!!!