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A Collection of my Mothers treasured recipes.

Marla Fagan
Oct 29, 2011

Let's talk!

Hi! I hope you like therecipes. What all are we going to talk about? I hope to put alot more recipes together soon. I do realize that I need to cook lol. I havehad to much going on and to much on my mind to think straight. Idid make apie today and I did cook more this week. My husband is so excited. I'm getting alittle excited but I'm not telling him. LORD HE WILL HAVE ME COOKING 24HOURS A DAY.I didntcook alot this summer. Will I did but alot of grilling and salads. We live in Texas and when it's 110+ you just don't heat up the kitchen. The weather is changing and our high are in the 70s. It's time to start cooking again.