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Here we can e-mail each other with Recipes n get to know each other.

Gail New
Jun 10, 2014

Freezer Recipes

Hey gang, my husband is buying me a freezer so I can make some cook ahead and freeze meals. Can any of you send me links to your favorite cook ahead meals? I would so appreciate it more than you know. Thank you in advance. .. Gail. .

Steve Williford
May 9, 2013

Mother's Day

What are you making for Mother's Day? I always make a meal for my Mom.

Debra Davidson
May 8, 2013

Lemon Pie

My husband loves lemon pie pkease feel free ro post recipes.

Steve Williford
Nov 28, 2012

Pen pals

I am a high school teacher/coach. I love meeting people and swapping new recipes. Email me at swill.steve@aol.com. I love to cook, and I love good home cooked food.

Tina *****
Nov 24, 2012

New to the group

Hi I just found this group. I love to cook and meet new people. I have been a member of JAP for about 1 1/2 months. I am trying to get my first recipe put on. I am trying to make sure it is perfect. I hope to meet some new people here.

Gail New
Nov 16, 2012

Hey From Your Group Moderator.

Hey Y'all, It has been so long since I have even signed into JAP. And for that I appologize. I have had so many crazy things going on in my life.

First of all my oldest son Bryan and his lovely Fianc'ee got married on October 4th after being together for 10 years. we are so happy about this.

Next, Bryan lost his Job and we have been trying to help them finacially.

The next thing is that I have had a falling out with my sister and we haven't spoken for over a month,, (would like to talk to some of you privately about that).

Plus, I went through a little bout of depression,,, and just didn't think to check in on JAP. I am so sorry I have been away, but wanted to come by and say hello and see how everyone is doing.. I hope all is well and you all have a great Thanksgiving.. Please contact me here, or in the Post Office or you can e-mail me at ssofmind@yahoo.com. Would love to visit with some of you.


Sherry Whitby
Oct 6, 2012

Looking for recipe pen pals

I enjoy finding new recipes and sharing good ones I have tried.

I would love to hear from anyone that loves recipes like I do. Please email me your favorite recipe to bunniest@gmail.com and I will send you one back :)


Mary Wolfe
Aug 26, 2012

I enjoy meeting new people.

Hi. My name is Mary and I love to cook. I am a Nanny who is presently looking for another position. So lots of time to try new recipes. Live alone, 3 grown kids, but my 2 grandkids (boy,8 and girl, 5) have spent every weekend with me since the 8 yr. old was 3 mos. old. Picky eaters and I love finding ways to get vegtables into them. Usually in some kind of dessert or meatloaf/meatball/pasta dish. Looking forward to joining future discussions and trading recipes.