No SUGAR added!

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Recipes (especially for diabetics) that have no REAL sugar added .... sugar substitute or NO sugar!!

Jackie Conley
Jan 20, 2012


I'mnot a diabetic but I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago and haven't eaten sugar since. It may all be in my head but it's working so far and I don't want to openthat door again to my sugar addiction. I do occasionally let myself have sugar-free cookies or desert of somekind. I don't crave it afterard so I think it's ok to have some. I'd like to find and share recipes that turn out well and tips and tricks for usind artificial sweetners in baking. Things turn out drier and just not quite right for me. Like the textures are different. Any ideas?

Stephanie Hull
Nov 20, 2011


Hi! Thank you Debbie for starting this group. I want to make my own bread and just about every recipe calls for sugar and a lot of all purpose flour. I don't eat the refined white stuff. I know I can substitute whole grain flours. Do yeast breads need suar in order to rise properly?

angie kramer
Nov 12, 2011

sugar free desserts

hi there- looking for some good dessert recipes for my diabetic dad- i do bake him cookies with either splenda or stevia, but looking for some other new things to try (do have to try to keep low on overall carbs too)-

Pat Babi
Nov 12, 2011


Hi, Debbie! I am not quite clear from the description, but can you use no sugar substitutes? Stevia is natural, and from a plant. My husband and I use it instead of sugar. He is a Type diabetic, also. We do a low carb, sugar free lifestyle.

If you can use that, I have several recipes that I can post.