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I called this group "Hamburg" Lovers because I consider hamburg a ground meat to make many meals with and "hamburger" something you put on a bun. If you have a pound or two of hamburg in the freezer, well we are all set for dinner! Most versatile meat of all time, right? Enjoy and share all your favorites in one place !!!

Carol Junkins
Feb 11, 2016

Anyone know if

Anyone know if
you can freeze fudge? Haha I know it is a strange question, but my daughter's friend heard I was making my choc. fudge and she said " oh can I have some ? Well I won't be seeing her for two weeks, so I wondered if I could freeze some of the fudge? haha have no idea ~

Carol Junkins
Jan 21, 2016

Quick dinner

Quick Italian Beef & Vegetable Soup
Could put all the ingredients together and put in fridge when you get home from work, the next morning before you go to work throw it all in a slow cooker, easy supper made, cook a grilled cheese with viola done!!!!

Carol Junkins
Nov 27, 2015

Hey don't forget to make !

your mini turkey pot pies and freeze em, while we get ready for xmas ! Turkey Pot Pies (mini's)

Carol Junkins
Oct 27, 2015

Did you know that?

*Salted water boils faster
* A tablespoon of butter or oil added to the cooking water for pasta will keep the water from boiling over
* All vegetables that grow above the ground should be put on to cook in rapidly boiling water
* All vegetables that grow below the ground should be put on to cook in cold water *
* The addition of parsley in a recipe containing garlic will offset the aftertaste and odor.
*Ginger will accomplish the same thing in Oriental recipes.
*Whipped butter is more attractive, easier to spread, and one tends to use less. !
(although whipped butter is more expensive at the market, you can whip your own with your electric mixer and enjoy the difference without the expense.)
*Relishes were the colonial substitute for salads. To "eat with relish" as the saying goes, is to enjoy indeed, and Americans are the greatest users of relish in the world.

Carol Junkins
Sep 13, 2015

Ok made my stuffed peppers

Haven't made these in quite awhile ~ boy they are sooo good !

Tawnya Gardner
May 29, 2015

Recipe Needed

I need a new recipe for hamburger please! I am at my wits end with the same old same old. It needs to be easy and quick for the most part.. So,okay lay those recipes on me!


Carol Junkins
May 29, 2015

Well I started

a new Group called " Foods that made New England Famous" some great old recipes to check out and great stories behind them,, come join me there !