Restaurant Leftovers

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Have you ever brought home leftovers from a restaurant and then incorporated it into one of your homemade dishes?

I would love to hear ideas from other home cooks that have done this.

Oct 31, 2011

Ya !!

Suzan you a women with a great mind. I always use my left overs for good..My family and friend think i am crazy... When I go to a restaurant i usually ask for a doggie bag up front and save half of my meal. Especially meat. They always give to much and i dont like to waste food. I may even go as far as asking for extra sauce like 3 or 4 to use in a dish i have at home to make later... This the too frugal lol:)

Suzan Baroni
Oct 20, 2011

Italian Sausage

My husband brought home some Italian sausage from a place here called Oregano's. It was very flavorful. I had about 1/2 left from one of their huge links. I ground it up and threw it in with my ground beef for stuffed peppers tonight. It should add a special touch to this tried and true staple!