food from puerto rico and holiday dishes

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flavorful food from puerto rico and delicious holiday desserts that will make ur mouth water.

Roberta Savio
Oct 25, 2011

Happy Happy

I am so happy I found your group. I have never been to Puerto Rico but love, love the food!!!
Can't wait to try the recipes.

rosa rivera
Oct 19, 2011

the food from puerto rico

even thou i was born in manhattan new york, my parents are from puerto rico and i went as a teen for the first time to puerto rico ,i already liked to cook , i bake cakes and learned with my mom and grandma to do rice and beans and to seasoned meats and some other foods. when i was in puerto rico i learned more and i perfected myself ,i met my husband and i had 3 kids , so just imagine all i had to cook ''but i really enjoyed it, my family was happy and my husband i learn how to do the traditional foods and desserts ,they do for christmas, it is the most tasting food you could ever eat.that is why i wanted to join a group that could write recepi's that others could learn to do and enjoy. i hope people could join this group and learn how to make pasteles a traditional food, hoping i could get more people to join thank you very much your friend ROSA.