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Lets talk cast iron cookware.. How to take care of it. What to cook with it. How do you fix old cook ware. Questios and answers. Any thing cast iron cookware. Lets talk abought it.

Heidi Hoerman
Feb 6, 2016

Cast iron & glass top stoves

Okay, I'll put in something to get this topic going again.

As many of you know, I do the bulk of my cooking with cast iron, both plain and enameled. My stove was dying a long torturous death. I was down to only three burners working at all and those only fairly reliably on high. We replaced many parts over the years nursing it along but it was finally time to put it to sleep. Since there's no possibility of gas, a new electric range was the only way to go. Could I go with a glass top yet continue using all my cast iron?

I read a whole bunch of online discussions on coil versus glass top and cast iron. Come to find out, cast iron is fine for glass tops as long as you don't slam heavy cast iron on the stove top or drag it across. What finally helped was a comment made by someone from the Lodge test kitchens with a picture attached of a row of glass top ranges in their test kitchen. Yes, Lodge does all their test kitchen stuff on glass-topped ranges. Now, if that doesn't provide the final answer to that question, I don't know what does.

I'm happily using my cast iron cookware on the glass-topped stove but I have made a "landing pad" of hot plates next to the stove for when I take out something heavy and don't want to risk landing it on the glass with a thud.

Dave B.
Feb 6, 2016

New group started

I've just started a new discussion group called Smoke & Fire, hope to see those interested soon. It deals with smokers, cast iron and open fire cookin.

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Connie Ottman
Nov 22, 2015


I have I very eaten my cast iron skillet. It's burnt in the middle right down to the core! I don't know how to remove the stuff that's not burned that is surrounding the circle of core. Help

Heidi Hoerman
Nov 21, 2015

Those numbers on the bottom of the Le Creuset pots

The mold numbers on the bottom of the Le Creuset pots are the diameter of the pot in centimeters. Knowing this, one can take that number, figure how deep one is going to fill a pot, and figure out how much that is. It only took me 257 tries or so to get all the right input and use the right conversions to figure out how many cups fit in a #22 dutch oven/soup pot. LOL

First, I had to relearn that a milliliter is a cubic centimeter not a cubic milliliter and my pot does not hold several hundred cups! Then I thought I had everything right but when I tried to confirm that by putting water in the pot I still WAY off and only filled the pot by about a 1/3.

Finally, I had to look up to make sure I had the formula for volume of a column right. It's pi * radius-squared * height not pi * diameter * height.

Sigh. After all that, it's a 4 1/2 quart pot. Bill said, why don't you just pour in water with the big measuring cup? I was trying to figure out if the math was easier. It might have been in the years shortly after high school geometry but certainly not fifty years later!

Michelle Rice
Sep 16, 2015

I thought about Bob today!

As I was pulling out my cast iron skillet, I noticed it needed a good seasoning, and remembered Bob's advice on how to reseason it. Then I wondered, is he ever going to come back?
I hope you are well and feeling fine! Miss ya!

Maggie ^O^
Jul 30, 2015

About Bob

Has anyone even noticed that he is missing?

Apparently he has become the next victim with the bullies.

Does anyone even care anymore about their fellow human beings?

Heidi Hoerman
Jul 11, 2015

Cast Iron Skillet Corn Dog Casserole

I love my cast iron. Here's a new recipe from last night. Yummy!

Skillet Corn Dog Casserole

David Kuhlmann
Feb 1, 2015

Hello and let's Cook!

Hi all I'm Dave,

I'm originally from New Orleans and grew up cooking with my grandmother since age 6 or so. I've learned from several great Cajun/Creole and... Southern Chefs. I also have been a chef on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

I'm most known for my Cajun/Creole dishes like Shrimp Creole, Shrimp & Crawfish Etouffee, Gumbo's, soups and other seafood dishes. Love to grill great steaks and BBQ ribs.

I'll be putting my recipes here over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as mys family, friends and I do!

Please check out my kitchen here for some wonderful Cajun/Creole dishes. I posted a few today and will be doing a few everyday this week. I'll update pictures for each as I cook them again.

Bon Appetite!