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Candi Hummer
Jan 26, 2012


There is a couple we are close friends with, they are followers of Jesus and volunteer at our community foodbanks....Well...until this morning!
I sent him a mssg and asked if I'd done something to upset them as neither of them had really been talking to me and had'nt volunteered in about a month. He sent me a mssg back and explained they were not talking to me beccause my mssg's were always about Jesus, God or the Lord or being blessed!!
I about fell out of my chair that this was actually coming from a couple who just a few months ago started volunteering with me because "All the work you do is for God and what better work to be doing, thank you for letting us be a part of it"... They specifically asked me to tag them in my "morning scripture" posts and always used to like and comment possitively on them!

WHAT???????? I've been hurt and confused all morning and praying about it. The answer I recieved was all I can do at this point is pray for them.
So, that's what I'll do. I send him another mssg and let him know that I was sorry if I'd done anything to offend them but to please click "unsubscribe" from my posts so they dont have to see them anymore and I'd take them out of the addition to the morning scriptures. I told them I loved them and that was that!

I even waited until now to post about it because I needed to calm down LOL now I'm upset for them again!
OK, rant over, time to pray!!

Candi Hummer
Jan 26, 2012

Name Change

I changed this group so there's always a place to Rave about something or someone OR a place to throw a fit about something or someone LOL

Candi Hummer
Oct 5, 2011

sweet gravy!

One Thanksgiving, we were all very behind on the whole "meal"!! My Mom and I had a hard year that year with her coming close to stroke and other medical issues!
She wanted to make the turkey gravy, so I was frantically setting the table and getting other food placed and she was over there just whisking away at the gravy!
We sat down, said our prayer, dug in and everyone had a funny look on their faces when they took a big ole bit of gravy, even my Mom asked, "gross, what the heck did I do"!!
We went back in the kitchen to find she'd made it with powdered sugar, not flour!!
Well, the kids enjoyed the gravy! The rest of us went without!
Thats just another thing that happens when your food bins are not labeled!
P.S. They are ALL labeled now!!

Candi Hummer
Sep 30, 2011

Beef cupcakes?!!

Years ago I was baking a new recipe I'd found for brown sugar peanutbutter cupcakes! If you know me you know everything in my cupboards and pantry are in bins labeled with it's contents. However back then those bins were not labeled!
Our oldest daughter and I were just mixing away at our batter and I did'nt realize she'd handed me the beef bullion container, not the brown sugar container!
After a big helping of batter to taste test we thought " wow, this batter is terribly salty"! So of course Sammie grabbed the brown sugar bin and dumped more in the batter! It just got saltier and worse, till we realized the "switch" we'd made! We laughed, We went ahead and baked those beef cupcakes,the dog's wouldnt eat them! It took 3 days for the chickens to finally finish them off!
So, you can bet, every single bin in all the cupboards and pantry are clearly labeled after that!