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This group is for those who love nuts, are nuts, and for recipes that include nuts

Melanie B
Oct 30, 2014


October 11 Stormy made this post:

Stormy Stewart

October 11 at 3:32pm ยท

This will be my last update on myself and what is going on. From there on I want only happy thoughts to take over.

We have been fighting the medical system for a year now and had they done their jobs I would not be where I am now. I went into the hospital in Grayling on Friday for a ultrasound that I demanded because the ass of a Dr. that I have lost all my paper work. They took me over to the emergency. The emergency Dr. said if I had any of the new symptoms in the list to go to Traverse City because Grayling wasn't equipped to handle my severity. That comment didn't make me feel good. I went to the hospital in Traverse City they did more tests on Monday. The results all came back Thursday. End stage pancreatic cancer. One to Two months to live. An in-operable mass that has spread throughout my stomach cavity, no recourse. End game. Wish it was April fools, but it isn't!

This has hit my family quite hard, so please be kind to them all. Since I have stated everything I know there is no reason to ask for updates. I am sure someone will post after I have left. If you are family Call my sister Jackie or Eric if needed, but please, they both are under enough strain. Other than that FB really isn't the place for such posts unless to in list prayers of hope. In this case there is none. If you post anything to my time line please - no "Jesus saves" or "god" shit, No bible verses as I am not in the mood for fiction - In other words respect my religious beliefs. I pray and prayers are always welcome, especially toward my family They are having a hard time of it. Don't feel sorry for me I have lived many lives in this lifetime and will die surrounded in love and light.

Enough said, Blessings to all. Love Stormy.

Stormy has been on my mind, so I went on her facebook page. This was the post left by her husband:

Stormy passed on in her sleep early this morning. She went peacefully and had just experienced the first full day of peace and rest in many weeks. She seemed comfortable and free of pain. The last sound I heard from her sounded like laughter. The many forms of anxiety that come with this process had been lain to rest and I believe she was finally able to let go because of it. Thanks to everyone. Services will be quaint and for close family only. She will rest in the area her parents are, having made the journey back to northern Michigan in time to pass on where she had many childhood memories.

October 26 at 11:29am

Stormy Stewart
May 27, 2012

check out this weekends special 26-28

They are selling small frappe's and smoothys at Burger king for a $1 each. So stop in and try their new line of McDonald wants be's. We are going today. Going to get one of each of all of them to share.

Stormy Stewart
Oct 27, 2011

Anyone have halloween Movie plans?

Each year we pick a few favorites or new spooky movies to watch halloween evening after all the other activies are over.

This year it is The original "Amityville Horror" and "Punpkin head 2".

I chose anityville and Eric picked the other. Have only seen the first Pumpkin head.

Barbara Anderson
Oct 26, 2011

Chocolate Macadamia Nutella cookies

Just posted a recipe for Chocolate Macadamia Nutella cookies that I made a few weeks ago. These cookies are REALLY good! They are so good, I am making them for a Christmas cookie exchange, and for gifts.


Awww nuts! I forgot what I was going to say! LOL! 8v)