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I would like to invite those that are interested in the rich and classic tastes of real Jewish cooking to join this group. I am a Ashkenazi Jew, meaning my family is from Eastern Europe, which can include Poland, Russia,Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. My family was from Russia, but with the wars the shtetl would be in Poland now. I welcome all who would like to explore a wonderful varied diet.

Jackie Marinoff
Mar 31, 2015


Hello Esther, from reading all the posts I see that this group hasn't been active in a couple of years. Can we get this group going again. I'm excited to be joining a group that has members with rich Jewish backgrounds. I am Askenazie with my father's family originally from Russia and Poland. Although I grew up with my Mom cooking Jewish I can't really say that I cook that way now. So, I want to learn from this group. Will you all help me. Oh, I forgot I would like you to try my recipe for Tzimmis :O)
Baruch HaShem

Esther Hardman
Nov 10, 2011

Operation Mend

As a lot of you know, I am a USAF retiree and a Desert Storm veteran. I would like to share with you on this day something really special.
I hope everyone can thank a serviceman today.

Esther Hardman
Nov 6, 2011

Let's start something!

Received a message from Roberta S. and she told me that to buy potato knishes from NYC you will pay $87., I assume that is with shipping. That is crazy. So I was thinking, what if we started making all those wonderful dishes that we want ourselves. I am making Onion Pockets
from my new book "Inside the Jewish Bakery". I will post the recipe after they are out of the oven. I am sooo excited! Then I can say to myself all day, "I am so freaking awesome"! Hopefully many of you will take up this idea and starting telling yourselves how freaking awesome all of you are.

Esther Hardman
Oct 28, 2011

Inside the Jewish Bakery

Got my book yesterday in the mail. This is a wonderful book. My husband grabbed it and started going through the pages. He would call me over from the kitchen and ask if I would make things and then he got to the Challah section and he wants to help me make a "8 dollar challah" when he get home from work! Reading the introduction, I started to cry because I remember my Mom telling me the same stories of when she was a little girl in Brooklyn. I wish she were still here so she could see this book. So it is Chocolate Babka, Bialys (onion of course) and the challah this weekend. My son who is 25, "wants this book when I die". If any of you have ever heard that saying, then you know what it means.

Esther Hardman
Oct 23, 2011

A birthday today.

Today is my son's 25th birthday and I managed to cook my way through the evening to get ready. I found a old dusty bottle of Slivovitz from the Czech republic (a kosher plum brandy). I put it into a beautiful decanter that my Mother got during the war. I filled it too much so the stopper wouldn't go in without overflowing, so I took a snort to get the level down. I don't think I could take a real breath for 5 minutes. Like drinking kerosene! But after the burn wore off, I tasted plum! I will offer to some of his friends that are going to be here. This should be great.

Roberta Savio
Oct 18, 2011

matza ball soup

I would really love a recipe for matza ball soup. When I lived in Brooklyn, NY our neighbor made the best and haven't been able to find a recipe for it.

Rochelle Weisberg
Oct 18, 2011

Looking for recipe

My grandmother used to make a knish with rice. Has anyone heard of them? I am not sure what it is called. I like to cook from old jewish recipes. My grandmother was from Russia. I am not sure if that was a food from that region.

Esther Hardman
Oct 18, 2011

Potato Soup

Just added
Potato Soup
and writing to personal note has kind of made me sad. I really miss my Mom.