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Hi there! I have a treasure trove of beloved recipes passed down from my grandma. What you should know about Grandma- she is 93 years young and a flower of the south. She makes the most fabulous food. Beware though, these are mostly southern style recipes which means they are in no way considered "low fat"- haha. Grandma is my cooking muse. I will post as many recipes as I can find and also some fun quotes from my southern family. Should be some delicious fun!

Susan Feliciano
Jun 23, 2016

Do You Have a Great Recipe From Your Grandma?

I thought I'd share this. I learned it from my Aunt Tour, but it was her mother's recipe, my Grandmother. My Grandmother Mae Powell Alston was born in 1888, had 9 children, and survived the Great Depression as a widow, having lost her husband in 1928. There were many creative ways of putting food on the table. They were lucky to have a small farm to grow and sell food, and they rented rooms out to boarders to pay the taxes on their home. My father and his four brothers hunted, fished, and trapped wildlife for food. The four sisters sewed, did laundry, and worked as nurses to help the family. They ate a lot of rabbit during those days. Rabbit Fricassee with Dumplings

Gail New
Jun 10, 2014

Freezer Recipes

Hey gang, my husband is buying me a freezer so I can make some cook ahead and freeze meals. Can any of you send me links to your favorite cook ahead meals? I would so appreciate it more than you know. Thank you in advance. .. Gail. .

Gail New
Apr 30, 2014

I am looking for recipes for church functions and dinners.

I am proud to tell you all that I have recently joined a church that I really love. I am looking for recipes that are easy to cook and transport to church dinners and functions.

Wanted to ask you ladies to post the links to your favorite take to church recipes be it main dishes to desserts. It would be greatly appreciated.

Butter Rich Dinner/Sandwich Rolls

These Butter Rich Dinner/Sandwich Rolls are fantastic! I make'em and freeze'm. They are fantastic as either a dinner roll or sandwich roll. Butter Rich Dinner/Sandwich Rolls

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Straws Kitchen
Mar 2, 2014

I think I can do this!!!

Received this from a friend this morning in my inbox...she said, "here's your laugh for the day"

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Nora M
Mar 2, 2014

Irish Brown Bread

Does anyone have a recipe... basic, simple and easy?

catherine smith
Jul 22, 2013

new here

I' m glad I found this group I have lots of recipes from my Grandmother to great Grandmother and more..I love cooking the old recipes and posting them for all to try..

Janice Ross
Aug 28, 2012

Old Cookbooks from My Mother

Today I have been plundering through some of my mother's old and I mean old cookbooks. On this rainy day during the hurricane I have been reading page by page these old cookbooks from the 30's with the last copy right being in the 50's. Some of the pages are so worn that I am afraid I'm going to tear them. I've found some great information (household) that to be honest I am not sure of some of the terms used back in those days. One section is titled luncheon and supper recipes. I just realized I never said dinner growing up it was always supper and at times I still say supper!! Many of the recipes use lard (I've only used it once in my life but I remember my grandmother using it with her biscuits and cooking on that old wood stove). It seems like we have gotten spoiled by the new gadgets, etc. I love to cook and I'm thinking about trying some of these recipes. I'm glad I pulled these out because I've never looked at them and oh what memories and oh I had really missed out on some things! I sure miss my mama and my grandmothers who were all wonderful southern cooks!