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Edible mushrooms are the fleshy and edible fruiting bodies of several species of fungi, but I prefer to think of them as tasty morsels of GOODNESS! I love mushrooms. Here's a place to share your favorite mushroom recipes.
I love all kinds of mushrooms,but I usually use brown mushrooms in my recipes,unless I specify a particular one.

Dorothy Curtis
Aug 1, 2016

Lobster mushrooms

I fixed some lobster mushrooms for the first time yesterday and we found them to be nice and meaty. The mushroom man at the farmer's market had them so I thought I would give some a try. I cooked them like he said he did. I sauteed them in some butter to get a nice sear on them and then finished them off in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Also for breakfast I grated some and added to some scrambled eggs. They are a nice firm mushroom so they grated nicely.

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Dorothy Curtis
Nov 26, 2015

Cleaning mushrooms

I saw this hint in the Cuisine at home eRecipes. It would be good to do if you have a large amount of mushrooms to clean.

Place mushrooms in a resealable plastic bag, cover with cold water, seal the bag, and shake. Drain and repeat until the water is clear. Once the mushrooms are clean, dry them on paper towels.


Kim Biegacki
Jan 24, 2014

I got a bowl of Panera's Country Style Mushroom w/Truffle Soup...

It is for those who love the smell, taste and overwhelming aftertaste of shrooms. It would of been much better for me had I got the grilled fontina cheese sandwich and dipped. Someone suggested it would be great over a baked chicken as a sauce because it is so rich and strong in flavor. Those truffles sure pack a punch. I had a few bites of it and was finished but I may make an omelet in the morning and use it as a sauce and add a little cheese on top or find something else to make with it.

Has anyone else had this soup and what are your thoughts on it?

Kim Biegacki
Jun 1, 2013

New recipe with Shrooms...Coffee-Braised Beef w/Mushroom Sauce......AMAZING!!!

This recipe is so incredible and the sauce alone stood as a STAR!!!! My husband & I both could of just dipped bread into the sauce and made that the meal. THat is saying a lot because my husband will not, does not eat mushrooms or drink coffee. He doesn't like either, yet in this recipe they became something else. I would have to say the BEST sauce I have ever made and I know the SHROOMS did it.....magnificent in flavor!!! Here is the recipe in case you want to check it out.... Coffee-Braised Beef w/Mushroom Sauce .

Apr 5, 2013


I haven't been online on JAP in quite awhile,hopefully I'll catch up on everything I've missed. Welcome and Thank you to all who've contributed recipes,I've been going through them and all sound wonderful! I love mushrooms,a good friend of mine is planning a burger bar and asked me for a mushroom burger recipe,I'll post it soon,it's delicious!

ali Bresnahan
Apr 4, 2013


can you freeze sliced mushrooms??

Lesa Chelf
Apr 4, 2013

Oh My! There really is a Group for Mushroom Lovers!

I already know I am going to Love this Group. I have loved mushrooms my entire life, as far back as I can remember, anyway. I will post some of my fav shroom recipes. My husband dislikes, oh heck, he hates them! I can never even get them on one side of the pizza. As he thinks they will walk over to his side. He does buy them in the groceries for me, though. :-) Gonna go check out some of y'alls mushroom recipes. Because as usual I have some buttons in the frig. Would love a new dish to make & eat this week. I would also appreciate any info on buying dried mushrooms. I have found some online. But I want to buy great ones from the best place. They can get costly. Thank you!