Sweet Memories

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Normally seeing the name of this group you would think it would be for desserts & what not. WRONG!

This group is dedicated to my Mom & all of our mothers recipes (any kind of recipes from Mom, not just desserts)!

Mom...rest in piece! Love you always!

Shelia Senghas
Nov 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoping you all have a wonderful time with your families.

Ashley Ramsey
May 8, 2012

May not have been from my mother....

Daddy's Crawling on the Floor Margarita Mix

My father and mother divorced a long time ago. For his weekends he would take my brother and I camping. Not just any type of camping but Historical Reenactment camping! This is his margarita recipe. So many fond memories have come while sipping this mix and I even met my husband while drinking it. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Jean Alphin
May 8, 2012

Baby Boomers

I created a group called "Baby Boomers"
Their are so many memories in the group.


Jean Alphin
May 5, 2012

Ruth and Ruthann

I'm joining this group in the memory of my Mom, Ruth.

Also in memory of my Sister,Ruthann.

May they both "Rest In Peace"

Bob Wakeman
Sep 24, 2011


don't for get to add the dads. some of my best thoughts are of my dad. he taught me so many things over the years. some of my best camping recipes come from dad.my son's and my wife never got to meet dad. but i know that he would be so proud of them. so let's not forget the dads

Zelda Hopkins
Sep 20, 2011

many memories

This is for the sweet memory of my mother. I am joining the group for her. God bless you mom.