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This group is for lovers of Zen. Or just a place to hang your hat and talk about anything. We can talk about Books, writing and photography, pets, movies you name it. Ask questions, bring ideas, share your thoughts, post your favorite Zen quotes, learn meditation. Oh and don't forget recipes. Enjoy a Zen group with a little kick. A place for everything Zen. I am a Buddhist married to a Zen Buddhist Monk. Oh, and you don't have to be Buddhist to join this group. Oh and we are not vegetarian either :)

Maria Arkle
Jun 17, 2013

A great book for those curious

Hello all,
Thank you for being part of the group. I appreciate it. I hate when I get so busy that I neglect the group for a while. Rescuing cats is a full time job. But rewarding.

I wanted to mention a book that is great for those that are learning and even for those that have been studying for a while. It's easy read, easy to understand and just an all around great book.

The author of the book will be a guest on our radio show. "Zen Bowl Radio" and when we air it. I will post the link so you can listen in. It's internet radio so you can all listen in.

The book is called "Buddhism, plain and simple by Steve Hagen" Pick it up at a library or order from Amazon. But I know you will enjoy it.

I hope to hear from you all soon. And keep posting question, ideas and wonderful recipes. We do love food around here. :) And remember, my husband is a Zen Buddhist monk if you need assistance and he teaches meditation. So feel free to post anything here. He is also in the group.

Maria Arkle
Mar 24, 2013


Does anyone have any questions? It would be nice to hear from you all :)

Maria Arkle
Feb 10, 2013

For a Zen Valentine

Hey everyone. As we know Valentine's Day is around the corner. I wanted to share something with you I thought you might also enjoy.

My wonderful husband gave me this book as a gift. As you know my husband is a Zen Buddhist monk and knows a good author when he sees one.

The book is called "Love's Ripening" Rumi, on the Heart's Journey. This book is full of very romantic writing and poems. One quote from the book goes as such.

"There is no love greater than love with no object, for then you, yourself, have become love itself."

I hope you look up the book and give one to someone you love too. It touched my heart and I always go back to read it again and again.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Be safe and well.

Maria Arkle
Dec 21, 2012

Just sit

I have to say, I've been out of practice sitting for a few weeks and it's starting to show. Showing in the way I respond to daily activity, showing in my patients... it's just not good to keep sitting out.

Time to get back to it and meditate. I hope that you all find your quiet time and sit too.

Cheers to you all and have a wonderful Christmas. :)

Maria Arkle
Jul 3, 2012

MIA That would be me...

Hello group,
I do appreciate everyone staying with me. I know I've been MIA for a while but I expect to come back full force. I've been working, or my husband and I rather, on our new radio show called Zen Bowl Radio.

I think it would be great to maybe have a show on cooking sometime. Maybe the history or or something exciting you can do on air. Maybe I will tap one of you on the shoulder to come to join us on the show as our guest!

I would love to see some post of topics and or questions.

Cheers to you all!

Shelia Senghas
Nov 27, 2011


Hello Maria, and thank you for this group and gracious invitation for anyone to join. I have always considered myself a zen type person. I meditate regularly and always try to stay in the now. My friends and family consider me to be odd in that I do not react with hysteria or crazy emotions when others would. I believe in universal equality and universal spirituality. My friends refer to me as earthmother and often turn to me for guidance when they want the truth of a matter. I am able to see a situation without the emotion of it clouding my understanding. I have always wanted to enter a Buddhist place of worship to understand more about Buddhist or even talk to a Buddhist. I have had the opportunity to do so on different occasions in my life, however, for whatever reasons I never ventured further. I am 63 years old and I believe it is time to learn more. I look forward to discussions with you.

Maria Arkle
Oct 19, 2011

Hello Everyone!

What is on your mind today? It's been a little quiet in here and our group is not growing much. I do want to thank you all for sharing the recipes in the group. I love them!

Maria Arkle
Oct 12, 2011

For book lovers

I have so many books I'm reading right now. I need to stop doing that and focus on just one but it's hard. This is one that I am reading and it is a very good book. Very well written and a very touching story.

What book are you reading right now?

Bones of the Master:

(about the book)
In 1959 a young monk named Tsung Tsai (Ancestor Wisdom) escapes the Red Army troops that destroy his monastery, and flees alone three thousand miles across a China swept by chaos and famine. Knowing his fellow monks are dead, himself starving and hunted, he is sustained by his mission: to carry on the teachings of his Buddhist meditation master, who was too old to leave with his disciple.

Nearly forty years later Tsung Tsai — now an old master himself — persuades his American neighbor, maverick poet George Crane, to travel with him back to his birthplace at the edge of the Gobi Desert.

They are unlikely companions. Crane seeks freedom, adventure, sensation. Tsung Tsai is determined to find his master's grave and plant the seeds of a spiritual renewal in China. As their search culminates in a torturous climb to a remote mountain cave, it becomes clear that this seemingly quixotic quest may cost both men's lives.