Our Favorite Pie Shells

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Post your favorite pastry shells here.Whether they are for pies ,tarts,etc.

Pat Duran
Jun 24, 2016


Ther are so many favorite pie shells here you won't have any trouble finding your favorite ....

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Pat Duran
Jan 16, 2016

Now you have joined us here Welcome Candace

at the many different types of pie shells you can make --now all you have to do is fill them up..ha ha ha...hugs

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Pat Duran
Nov 18, 2015

welcome to our new member Lottie...

Hope you find just the right pie shell to add your favorite pie filling in...hugs...

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Pat Duran
Sep 14, 2015

Welcome to all the members here

I hope I have not missed anyone-- if I have I am sorry.. so just come on over and let's talk a bit...

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Pat Duran
Feb 2, 2015

Welcome to all those here

Hope everyone is keeping warm and toasty in the terrible weather regions ...wish you were warm and sunny like my weather..should be 70 today....
We have a lot of different and tasty pie shells and tried and true too..check out your favorite...Pat
Classic Crisco Pie Crust