Cream Cheese Creations

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Cream cheese is so versatile. You can make sweet or savory creations with it. Do you ever notice at holiday time, you stock up on the cream cheese because you can do anything with it. Please share all your cream cheese creations here.

Debbie Sue
Jan 26, 2018

One of my Mom's Favorites!

Whenever I bring this to a gathering, I'm always asked for the recipe! You just can't stop eating, Mom's Cucumber Cream Cheese Spread. This is an oldie, but still a goodie!

Debbie Sue
Jan 25, 2018

A Great Little Dip!

This Favorite Fruit Dipper is so easy, just a couple of ingredients, but it's so tasty! It's one of my favorite dips for strawberries!

Debbie Sue
Jan 24, 2018

Here's one of my favorites!

This is a real treat, a must try! We just love it! Cherry Cheese Dessert
Hope you give it a try!

Melanie B
Jan 24, 2018

Welcome Everyone

I have been so busy with work and life, that I haven't really been "running" my groups. I feel like I just have enough time to jump into everyone else's groups and make comments, then the day is done!

Please feel free to share your cream cheese creations. It is such a wonderful ingredient.
I'm making Jalapeno Popper Dip for a work party next Thursday. MMMMMMM

Teresa G
Jan 23, 2018

How to Quickly Bring Cream Cheese to Room Temp

TIP: Remove cream cheese from boxes, leaving cheese wrapped in foil only. Soak a clean kitchen towel in very hot tap water; quickly squeeze out excess water and place towel on counter. Quickly wrap cheese in towel, then place a large bowl or skillet over top to trap the heat. Cheese should be softened in 10 minutes.

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Catherine Ferensic
Jan 23, 2018

i remember this

wow along time ago I guess I should think about this no cream cheese it is on my grocery list

Jean Fisher
Dec 28, 2016


Just stopping by to say HI! Wishing you all a Great New Years.