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The microwave used to be called a modern convenience, now it's just another kitchen appliance, for time saving short cuts.
All foods cook differently, depending on the density, the amount, the fat and sugar content, the temperature of the food, whether or not it's covered; the food should be placed in a circle with thickest parts on the outside.
It's always best to cover food with wax paper when cooking or reheating anything, unless the recipe says not to cover.
Most recipes you love to make in your conventional oven can be converted to microwave cooking. The cooking time should be cut down to a fourth of the regular baking time.
It's best to go at this method slowly and experiment, checking closely the results. Remember food continues to cook after it is removed from the microwave.
Ladies this appliance is for cooking too -NOT just for reheating!

Pat Duran
Mar 21, 2017

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Welcome Linda- it's so good to see you here hope you find a recipe you like and add some of yours if you want..

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Jan 16, 2016

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Jan 7, 2016

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More microwave ideas....thanks to Jean Fisher for the site information......

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Jan 5, 2016

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Welcome my friend Sally..always glad to see your recipes and I am sure you have a few for the microwave.. besides warming up a stale doughnut or yesterday's pizza...Sally is a great cook and recipe guru.....hugs♥

Susan Feliciano
Nov 21, 2015

Microwave Cookware

What has happened to all the disposable microwavable dishes, those made out of sturdy cardboard, that are safe for baking and microwaving? I was looking for some today, and all I could find was foil. Which means we can't reheat my corn pudding in the microwave, only in the oven.

Pat Duran
Nov 18, 2015

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