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This will be a great group for us all to share our favorite Quinoa and rice recipes, so many great ones on here, please share yours with us.

J. White Harris
Feb 20, 2017

Yellow Rice with Raisins

This is very different from the rice you are probably accustomed to eating. The turmeric gives it a bright yellow color and helps to create a delightful exotic flavor. The raisins and cinnamon gives it a touch of sweetness even without the sugar that I usually leave out. If you want to give your taste buds a treat give this a try next time you make rice.

The directions are for stove top but I normally put everything in the rice cooker and everything comes out great with less effort.
Yellow Rice with Raisins

J. White Harris
Feb 16, 2017

Rice Congee for Breakfast

This Chinese rice recipe is delicious for breakfast or it can be a soup starter for any meal. You can add just about any kind of cooked meat or seafood to this to give it a different flavor every time you cook it.
Rice Congee#page1:comment2228432

J. White Harris
Jun 15, 2016

Cone Sushi

I just finished putting together this rice recipe for Cone Sushi. This is about my favorite snack food.
Delicious Cone Sushi