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This a group that features and chats about Nutella and Nutella Recipes. Feel free to share your Nutella Recipes and talk about Nutella! If you are serious about Nutella that don't hesitate to join! Let's give Nutella some lovin!

Linda Dalton
Feb 14, 2012

World Nutella Day

Since I'm new to this site, and haven't quite figured out how to navigate around it easily, I might have missed your mention of World Nutella Day. Superbowl Sunday, Feb 5th was the 6th celebration of World Nutella Day. I've participated in the extravaganza for the last 3 years. And last year I was fortunate enough to get my Banana Nutella Bread highlighted on- line in Madamoiselle Paris. Anyway, there's a web site where you can find over 700 recipes that include Nutella. Everything from breakfast options to ooey-gooey desserts, milk shakes, and pastries you'd never dreamed of. Just google "World Nutella Day", and you'll find an overwhelming display of Nutella recipes. I have a few that I will post on this site. Yeah- we love the stuff!

Kayla Tankersley
Jan 29, 2012


try nutella on a strawberry poptart for breakfast, or any kind of poptart!! it's really good!!

Lillian Stryczek
Jan 4, 2012

nutella addiction

Need help i can't stay away from the jar.
I eat it with pretzels.

Deborah Smith
Nov 16, 2011

My first ever taste of *nutella!!

Yes, that is the truth ... believe it, or not!! Last night I had my very first taste of this widely used item, with the funny sounding name, we all know as *nutella!

I'd heard so much about it, so I thought I would try it, and I bought a jar a few weeks ago, put it in the cabinet, then amazingly, forgot all about it ... that is, until I saw this group! I went searching for it last night and low and behold, there it sat in all it's glory on my shelf! Honestly, not being too fond of the flavor of 'hazelnut', I pretty much figured I wouldn't like it, but to my surprise, it was absolutely 'heavenly'!!! After taking a teaspoon of it, well, maybe a tablespoon, I knew I had to quit ... for the night, anyway! lol!! Later today, I'm going to buy the LARGE jar, come back and find some recipes, and create a new dessert for my family ... they have yet to taste this *yumminess! It will from this day forth, be a staple in my pantry!! Today ... I am thankful for *nutella!! :)

Loving Nutella!

Oh Nutella Oh Nutella, how my life would be less flavored without you in it!

Love You Always Nutella,

Kim Biegacki
Oct 27, 2011

Late Night Snack ---- Nutella and sliced apples

I so love Nutella!!! Especially since I am allergic to peanuts and peanut butter of course Nutella is now my peanut butter. I love it!!! I love to have it on toast too.
I have to start learning to cook and bake with it as well.

Barbara Anderson
Oct 26, 2011

New recipe for cookies

Just posted a recipe for Chocolate Macadamia Nutella cookies that I made a few weeks ago. These cookies are one of the top cookies I've ever made. They are so good, I am making them for a Christmas cookie exchange, and for gifts.

Barbara Anderson
Oct 10, 2011

New Nutella Nut

I'm new to Nutella. Wonder why I didn't discover it sooner, as I have been baking for years. I just make chocolate cookies with nutella in the batter and wow, was it good! I'll post the recipe later when I don't have a kitten pawing at my face. Hard to type one fingered!