Auto Immune Disease

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You may have Celiac, Crohns, Sjogrens or whatever we all need to learn how to eat differently and I am in hopes we can get things figured out altogether sometimes having one of these other diseases is possible to have celiac. Celiac disease is a genetic disorder affecting 1,133.000 persons in the United States, potentially 2 million people. For every person diagnosed with CD, approximately 80
people are undiagnosed. more info to come on other A I Disease

Glenda Moore
Nov 30, 2016


would love to get more recipes placed here to help those who suffer or those who just want to be healthier. I have been absent for a time and hope to get some recipes up soon

Turtle Gere Jones
Apr 22, 2012


New to this group and this site.Does anyone here have any recipes high in iron or calcium for me? I do not drink milk but I do cheese or yogurt, etc... I also do not eat meat except for an occasional chicken breast or piece of fish. I am just wondering if anyone notices the foods they eat making for less pain or fewer symptoms.

Karin Ellzey
Mar 22, 2012

a starting place for dieters, new diets, needing to heal...

Monday at 8:07 PM
these comments are pretty old, so you may have already found a solution. many people with chronic illness and subsequent weight gain chose to try a elimination diet that focuses on meat and strictly veggies, no grains, starches (except sweet potato). They don't eat grain products, milk products, soy products,or anything which might be an allergen. some add the restrictions for yeast growth (no sugar, or anything that might even possibly produce mold like vinegar, mushrooms, alcohol, etc). There is a lot of info out there online concerning these diets. You will have to commit to the elimination diet for at least 2 weeks and then add only one new food every week while you monitor your body for reactions. The yeast diet needs to be done for a minimum of 6 weeks from what Ive read. you will begin to loose weight on these diets. they should reduce inflammation and reset your digestive system to a better state. you may be surprised to find that you have sensitivities to some food and other sensitivities that may be temporary. I hope you are getting the information you need. if not, let me know if I can help.

Brandie Simms
Feb 2, 2012

Auto Immune Disease

Hello everyone, Im new on here and so glad i found this, i just found out i have chrons disease and its really hard to find things to eat. And ive been looking everywhere to find recipes for chrons. its not easy to know how to shop.

Glenda Moore
Feb 1, 2012

Sorry Not been here in a while

computer has been out and will be getting a new one soon hope to get some new recipes posted soon for everyone.

Glenda Moore
Dec 13, 2011

How is everone doing?

It is getting closer to Christmas and only to be followed up with New Years Eve. Some people do not seem to get as excited about the new year but it means new Beginnings in some cases Faith in a spring time to come, Time to reflect, time to redo over last year, if is was not a good year for you but I have some ideas for this next year. I will start off by telling you I have acquired a new Cookbook for Arthritis and some other areas, helping reduce some inflamation and other things. I will be posting some recipes you can use for Holiday meals, appetizers, and so forth. SO you guys keep working on getting done for Christmas and I will get them posted for you.

Glenda Moore
Oct 7, 2011


Well! I wanted to kick off with a recipe today and so I chose one with very few ingredients and very small amout of spice added and you can omit or add what you want her but I emplore you to find more to share here. Thanks