Kitchen Mishaps & Bloopers: LOL

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We've all had them... disasters, bloopers, mishaps, mistakes in the kitchen or while cooking. Let's share our funny stories with each other... makes me feel less like a dope to realize that others have mishaps while cooking too. This is just a light hearted group to share stories to give us all a laugh.

Beth M.
Dec 6, 2012

An ingredient was left out!

I've gotten into a routine of placing the recipe and ingredients on the counter where I will mix everything. When I have added each ingredient I place the ingredient container on a counter to my left, out of the way. Then when I have finished and the thing I am baking is popped into the oven, I know what I've used.
One day when my eight-year old grand-daughter was with me, she wanted to bake something,and I decided it would be easiest in the time we had to make a cake using a cake mix. After placing the cake pans in the oven, wouldn't you know my eyes came upon a bottle of vegetable oil still sitting on the counter with a dry measuring cup! She was giggling and we were both amazed that the cake was baked and looked and tasted like it should after all. Of course she was amused when I "fessed-up to leaving out an ingredient in the cake" when we served it to her mom and dad. Oh well, we had fun baking together in any case.

Brenda P
Nov 18, 2012

Chicken Noodle Soup

I was not feeling well. I had a respiratory infection and could not smell anything.
I decided homemade chicken noodle soup sounded like a good idea. After I started boiling the chicken, I decided to use the home canned vegetables my mother-in-law had given me, instead of chopping my own. The beautiful jar contained all the vegetables I needed: carrots, celery and onion.
I was so proud of the soup I had made and my little short cut.
Unfortunately when my husband came home, his first words were, "Why does it smell like pickles in here?"
I quickly realized that I had used a jar of Million Dollar Relish, which is pickled.
Now when I make soup, my husband asks "Did you chop the vegetables yourself?"

cindy christiansen
Oct 28, 2012

goop what a mess!

oks with I was making these peanut butter bars it called for melted choc. chips to go on top Didn,t have that so I used unsweeten dark choc. meltedit then I taste it ok mix some sugar in it was to thick ok added some milk to thin it out so what did I get this awful goop! what a mess teach me not to get off my butt and get the right stuff. went to the store able to save my cookies.what was I thinking!

Elaine Bovender
Oct 26, 2012

If you're a woman over 50, be warned!

NEVER sneeze while you're doing dishes and your hands are in the hot water! ;)

cindy christiansen
Oct 25, 2012

look up to the sky!

my sister made a apple pie for church dinner when we got there she was in such a rush walking to the dinner table she tripped the pie flew out of hands landed upright on the floor slid across the floor her arm flew up and she yelled Oh christ! allthe people were looking upward . I went and got the pie which was in intact and told my sister no Christ today but he did save the pie.

Dee Wyatt
Oct 16, 2012

mishap in the kitchen

We were having very important dinner guests visiting from a sister plant in Europe. My husbands boss who has sampled my cooking many times over the years asked me if I would have these people to dinner. Of course I was thrilled to have dinner guests to cook for, because I get to dust off my very best just for special occasion recipes. Everything was going smoothly and all my dishes turned out perfectly. I had decided to make blueberry pie for desert and two extra apple pies which I often do for those days I am so terribly busy I don't have time to cook so I can just pull meals out of the freezer and supper is ready when it defrosts and cooks through.
I had served everyone else pie and made a plate of pie and ice cream for myself sat down and took one bite. I was horrified to realize I forgot to put the sugar in with the blueberry's. I then had to laugh because everyone was trying not to hurt my feelings and were trying hard to eat the pie without making faces let me tell you it WAS disgustingly bad. Thankfully I had the two other apple pies to rescue the evening. Despite the mishap everyone had a wonderful time. I now taste all my deserts before I serve them to guests.

Elaine Bovender
Oct 8, 2012

Okay, newest blooper that happened this morning!

I was fixing my husband an egg & cheese sandwich for his breakfast. Eggs & cheese were cooked perfectly, the toast was buttered and I was putting it all together, when I remembered that he likes his eggs sprinkled with a little pepper, so I grabbed the pepper and opened the top and proceeded to give it a good shake. To my surprise, out came nearly the entire bottle! I had accidentally opened up the "pour/spoon" side instead of the shaker side! I politely walked the eggs into my husband and lovingly sat them down for him. He looked at the plate and said, "you know, I really didn't want quite that much pepper." After a good laugh, I made him some fresh with the right amount of pepper this time!

Elaine Bovender
Oct 8, 2012

Once when making homemade spaghetti sauce....

A few years ago, I was trying a brand new recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce. I was just so tired of trying various jar sauces and not being happy with the taste. Anyway, the recipe called for adding a dash of olive oil. I reached up into the cabinet to get my olive oil and proceeded to pour it into the sauce. I thought, "boy, this olive oil is awfully dark" when the smell hit me. I had mistakenly grabbed my vanilla extract and added that to the sauce! The two bottles were approximately the same size and shape and were side by side in the cabinet, I just didn't look. Lesson learned: look at the bottle before splashing! :)