Kitchen Mishaps & Bloopers: LOL

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We've all had them... disasters, bloopers, mishaps, mistakes in the kitchen or while cooking. Let's share our funny stories with each other... makes me feel less like a dope to realize that others have mishaps while cooking too. This is just a light hearted group to share stories to give us all a laugh.

Elaine Bovender
Nov 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Mishap!

Several years ago I was having Thanksgiving dinner with all of the trimmings, homemade gravy, real mashed potatoes, homemade cornbread dressing, etc. I was having my folks, kids, grandkids all over for dinner. Everything was going great and we were all having a good time. The potatoes were done cooking so I grabbed my pot holders and picked up the pot from the stove. I don't know what happened, but the potatoes went one way and the pan went the other and I had 10 pounds of cooked potatoes on the floor! The rest of the food was all coming together and my mom's homemade rolls were in the oven, so I had to do something quickly. I sent one of my son-in-laws to the store for instant potatoes. My hubby absolutely hates instant potatoes and complained bitterly throughout the dinner. I doctored them up the best I could, but it still ruined his whole Thanksgiving! I've been extra careful to make sure that it never happened again, lol!

Sher Bird
Oct 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey Blunders???

Have you ever made a mistake cooking your Thanksgiving turkey? Let us know! What happened!!

Rachel Zuckerman
Dec 10, 2014

The tragedy of the onion bisque

I had made a beautiful onion bisque in the crock pot to bring to friends' place for dinner. It wasn't quite finished, so I brought the whole crock pot to plug in over there. I nestled it (I thought!) snugly under the dash on the passenger's side of the car and headed out to pick up my boyfriend on the way. Turning onto his street, took the corner too sharply... and over went the soup. I pulled over and almost started crying-- I had worked so hard! Fortunately we were able to salvage the onions left in the bottom of the pot and put them on burgers, which was actually pretty delicious. My car smelled like old soup for weeks, though.

Elaine Bovender
Jun 14, 2014

I thought that my husband was going to kill me!

I made him a nice dinner with his favorite sides, macaroni and cheese and fresh collard greens. I'm one of these people who loosen the top to the salt shaker and measure the salt in my hand to add to a recipe (the hollow of my hand is actually fairly accurate, lol). I guess in one of my senior moments, I forgot to tighten the top to the salt shaker before I called my husband in to dinner. Of course he picked it up and you know the rest. I thought that I'd die laughing, if he didn't kill me first, LOL!

Beth M.
Jun 14, 2014

YUMMIES are a square with a brown sugar meringue on top.

I have made these before, but this morning I had difficulty and they came out soggy under the brown sugar meringue. They were baked for 25 minutes and seemed ok, but I guess I should have let them bake 30 minutes before taking them out. The weather is rainy here today, and I can't help wondering if that makes a difference. I returned them to the oven and baked them longer, and cut them into smaller pieces and put them in cupcake papers, so they're easier to handle. Sticky but "yummy"!
Have any of you had experience baking a bar-cooky with meringue top, and got a suggestion?

Clare Chambers
Mar 5, 2014

Flatter than a flat thing

I wanted to try my hand at an American recipe - Chocolate crinkles. the picture is the results of my first attempt :(

However, after some trial and error I have made some delicious Cherry Chocolate Crinkles :D Cherry Chocolate Crinkles

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Elaine Bovender
Mar 4, 2014

Meatball Theif!

Several years ago, I made my recipe for French Onion Meatballs. My husband and I had been very busy that day and came in late that evening. He grabbed a plate and made himself a couple of nice sandwiches from the meatballs. He went upstairs to the bedroom and got comfy, turned on the TV and proceeded to eat his sandwiches. Just then the phone rang, it was his supervisor. I called him down to the phone. When he finished his call, he started to go back upstairs. Just when he got to the bottom of the stairs, he met our dog coming down. He said to her, "You've been upstairs, did you eat my sandwiches?" The dog looked up at him and replied, "BUUUURRRRP!" Our kids and me just about died laughing! He went upstairs to check and she had licked the plate clean! I've always told him, never trust a dog to watch your food, lol!

Lori Spaidal
Mar 2, 2014

Distracted Cooking!

Ever make yorkshire pudding and forgot the eggs? I was discussing a family problem with my husband and mixed eveything in the bowl. Let it rest, filled my muffin tin and baked it. Couldn't figure out why they were not rising until I saw the eggs on the counter. Lol. Roast beef, no yorkshires.