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Sharing ideas and recipes for parties, showers, and weddings, and anniversary events.
I had a wedding accessorie business for several years, and made veils, albums, party gifts, table settings, arches, and so much more, including floral arrangements. When people decide to get married, they want ideas, and make attempts at creating their own special wedding layouts, and gifts, and usually don't know where to start. Weddings, and babies happen every day. This group is for sharing ideas and recipes to kick start that special event.

Christina Aplin
Aug 25, 2015

Hi everyone, new to the group.....I have a question.

I'm having a fall wedding next year and looking forsome ideas. We are having it at the lake and the pavilion wgerethe reception is taking placeis like a log cabin look and we are doing some stuff out of barn wood and the arch will be made out of cedar. But I'm kinda stuck on decorations, anyone have any ideas?

Straws Kitchen
Dec 31, 2013

Sharing a Beautiful Cake

I wanted to share this web page.....I love all the instruction they give us, you should see how it is decorated.

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Donna Graffagnino
Dec 31, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you wonderful cooks! Looking forward to amazing new recipes in the new year.

Donna Graffagnino
Dec 23, 2013

Buon Natale! Felice Anno Nuovo!

To All of You Wonderful Cooks and Your Families ~ Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year! Stay Well and Keep Safe!

Ashley Burnam
Sep 19, 2012

Here's my favorite large group appetizer!

Amazing Maple Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

I have made this for a group as small as 5 people, and I have also made these for 50 people with the same response... that it is to die for! Enjoy!

Stormy Stewart
May 2, 2012

it is official, I am doing Terra's cake 200 plus people

Help! I need recipes for cakes and frostings and a wonderful frosting to make roses with. She is going a white cake with black bows and black and pink or some form of megenta flowers. I have a book on roses and how to make them but was thinking maybe using some other flowers as well . Her topper will have the nightmare before xmas figures and plan a frosting topper to look a lot like this
The perfect cake topper for my daughter's wedding
on the bottom layer and I understand there will be 4 layers will be the pup if we can find it.

Penny how would I move this 2 1/2 hours from me and how much do I have to do there. Keep in mind she has 4 dogs and one will eat glass so they eat anything within reach

Sep 4, 2011

Event Planner..

Penny this is a great group idea. I want to have my own Event Planning company. I just don't know where to start. I was told this kind of business you don't have to go to school but you do need knowledge of some sort.. Help ...