In the Garden----Out of the Garden

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this is the place to share what you grow in the garden. How you grow it. What you do with your harvest.
The best produce is what you grow.I have had a garden for years. So if you grow a garden this is the place for you from old pro to just starting.
Lets talk abought what we grow and how we use what we grow.

Dorothy Curtis
Sunday at 11:00 AM

Buddha in the garden

here the little Buddha is sitting in the garden.

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Dorothy Curtis
Sunday at 10:59 AM


My son and his girl friend sent me this cute little Buddha for my new Oriental garden.

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Rhonda Onstott
Saturday at 7:34 PM


I picked them up from Home Depot on Wednesday.
Placed them on my Husband's bench from Co workers when he passed.
Grouped my flowers around.
More to come.

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Joey Wolf
Wednesday at 2:22 PM

The straw bale garden....

is getting a good drink today. the tomatoes, cabbages, peppers, zucchini and summer squash will be so happy. the endive and herbs in plants are also happy...the tiny seedling herbs, just emerging....not so much. I have moved them out of the down pour and hoping they will recover.

Linda Smith
Sunday, June 9 at 6:05 PM


My Peonies have finally opened

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Rhonda Onstott
Saturday, June 8 at 5:10 PM


Over the past few weeks my blooming moss has perked up.
With warm, humid, weather and rain. And a little Miracle Grow.

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Dorothy Curtis
Saturday, June 8 at 1:23 PM

Trip to the Farmers Market

My gardening days are pretty much finished so I am happy that there is a great farmers market close enough to visit every Saturday. I bought some lovely spring onions, lettuce, radishes, snow peas, oyster and chestnut mushrooms. I had never had the chestnut mushrooms before so I cooked them up and gave them a taste. Very nice flavor. I will add them to my snow peas for dinner tonight. Being alone now it is hard to just get just enough for me--everything that is grown looks so good but I can only eat so much in the coming week. lol At least with everything so fresh it does keep very well in the fridge.

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