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this is the place to share what you grow in the garden. How you grow it. What you do with your harvest.
The best produce is what you grow.I have had a garden for years. So if you grow a garden this is the place for you from old pro to just starting.
Lets talk abought what we grow and how we use what we grow.

Deb Crane
11 Hours Ago

Question about brownies

So, I will be catering my friends daughters wedding. I am making the desserts. Brownies have been requested. One is turtle and one is rum chata cream with ganache. Other desserts are lemon curd shooters, key lime shooters, vanilla cheesecake and chocolate chip cheesecake.

I made batches of all of these for the wedding shower. Here is my only problem.....

I am horrible at cutting brownies! No matter how I try, they end up being a treat you must eat with a spoon. I bought these little foil tart tins, greased them and sprayed them, and they still would not come out easily. I had to peel the foil away from the bottoms and put them in paper cups.

What I am asking is for any tricks to either cut brownies or make the tart tins do-able.
Of all the menu items, brownies should be easy! But they are being a challenge to be sure!

The wedding is September 30th so I have time for some trials.

Any good tips? :)

Dorothy Curtis
Yesterday at 6:46 PM

Update on John

My computer has been down so I wasn't getting an updating done about John's progress. He is home and has been home for 2 weeks now and is doing very well. He had an appt with the vascular doctors last week and the report was very good. He goes back in 3 weeks. He still can not put his full weight on his leg and foot but can at least put the heel down to help steady himself. All the work he did in rehab for the month has sure paid off to keep his legs and arms strong. He has also continued the exercises at home. We are still waiting for the ramp and it should be in any day now---at least then John will be able to get out of the house. Our son was here to help with that for the appt.

Thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts. Summer is flying by!! It is very warm here and will be for the next week at least. We need rain because it is very dry.
I hope you are all having a fantastic summer and your gardens are growing---I have picked lots of cucumbers and got our first ripe tomato. The bushes are full so we should have a good crop.

Take care!


Cindy Rice
Jul 7, 2017


This afternoon, sadie went to the NH STATE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL IN CONCORD, NH she will be appointed a lawyer in Monday ..we go to court on Tuesday ..I have to give sufficient cause to keep her there and grant the petition..( to be hospitalized, against her will for treatment), strong , urgent prayers are needed, so that I may say the right things the right way..that I will keep calm , and present the facts..and her history..also ..she denied the psychiatric hospital permission to speak with me ..which I need them to be able to speak with me regarding her treatment there ., so prayer is also needed for that..she almost did then changed her mind ..need her to change it back ..please please people..she needs to be there for at the very least the minimum of 10 days( longer is needed, but we ll take the 10 if that is all we can get's a start ..please ..somehow, she needs to start seeing the real world and actually live in it ..the right way ..:(
I have implored, everyone to pray least the wait went from 6 to 1 in less then a day..;)
Thank you all in advance for the prayers and support and the continued prayers and support..had a very bad day dealing with some issues regarding, sadie , but not sadie herself persay ..but still stemmed from her doing what she wasn't supposed to ..not gonna get into it..but ..still long week, long day ..may just be able to at least enjoy tomorrow before I start outlining things for court ..:(

Cindy Rice
Jul 3, 2017


Sadie is doing well..she is still at the hospital, but in good spirits..looks like she's gonna have a long stay at the hospital before going to the psychiatric treatment center..which is actually a good thing , as it usually takes a good two weeks for her meds to get into her system before you start noticing a positive change ..that said ..I was told today , that treatment in concord is 10 days ..after that if she is still unstable I have to do paperwork all over again..when she does get to the facility ..3 days later, we go to court ..she gets a lawyer appointed to her, and I have to present to the judge why she should be committed against her will ..yaaay!! NOT!!
That said..hubby talked to her in the phone this evening..she is much clearer..but still has the same way of thinking( in other words, the meds aren't doing all they should..yet),
She needs to start focusing on herself lots of people view that as selfish thinking , but in this case, it is imperative that she start focusing on herself and not order for her to get "better" she needs to be selfish ..self preservation..
But..she is definitely better then she was where near stable ..but better ..:)
Continuous prayer is still very much needed, as we bear the time when she actually dies go to the psychiatric like I said..court..3 days after her arrival ..
I thank you all for your continued support and prayers some one said in here..and I apologize for not remembering who.., but a miracle is exactly what is needed like I said, there may not "be" a next time for her..because the next time just very well may be "THE LAST TIME we need to avoid ..a next time ..and like I said ..we lost hubbys niece last December..I will not stand by and let the same end come to my daughter..I failed his niece's too late for her..but daughter has a good chance with continued prayer and support ..I will be calling her case worker tomorrow, and see if maybe they can get things in order for her, so that when she does get out, it's all set up ..:) thanks everyone

Dorothy Curtis
Jul 3, 2017

Good news!

After 2 weeks in the hospital and 4 weeks in rehab John will finally be coming home on Friday the 7th. Needless to say we are both looking forward to his coming home. He is ready for some home cooking and being in his own surroundings---and getting a good night sleep!!

Thank you all again for your well wishes and your prayers. John is really doing very well and will still have to stay off the left foot and no weight bearing on the leg and foot but he is doing well at transferring from the wheelchair to the bed, etc.

Our son will be here on the 6th so we can make a few needed changes to the arrangement of furniture in the house and to help get John home on the 7th along with the wheelchair and walker.

Have a wonderful 4th and stay safe.


Cindy Rice
Jul 2, 2017

Ok..I can now officially say I have a

And most of it is doing well ..lots of squash's hubbard( bought some), green Hubbard ( started in the ground from seed ), gonna have zucchini coming out my ears soon, got some summer squash ..they will be a little slow outa the gate, lol, as planted them from seed a week kater( I think) ..gonna have some watermelon ( I hope), lots of tomatoes, peppers( banana), potatoes and beans..I hope ..I got only one Brussel sprout plant planted..;( had a bunch started from seed..they took a dive had to replace what I viewed as necessary..
If I get enough tomatoes this year, I will make my own sauce again..
Yaaay!! Really yummy ..:)
I acquired a bunch of different kinds of tomatoes plants, ( they were free for the taking ). So I grabbed a bunch ..most were in sorry shape picked out the ones I thought were worth saving ..for em home ..put on the porch ..picked and trimmed ..I have read about this technique but never tried it till this lay the roots and the stem( stock) of the tomatoes in a small trench ( trim leaves off first ), and bury all but the tops of the plant ..I did this with half of the straggly looking tomatoes ..they look absolutely wonderful now..about as good as the nursery bought tomatoes ..I read that the idea behind this is to give the plant a strong root stiok ..therefore being able to produce more and better..I think .. lol
But they are beautiful..took a walk out there today ..:) had to ..soothes the mind..also had to do potatoe beetle duty ..getting diatomaceous earth tomorrow..

Cindy Rice
Jul 1, 2017

ON a much lighter note..

I have peppers that sprouted last week or beginning of this
They are about an inch..these I'm growing on the porch in a container so won't much matter that they are late ..:)