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Hi everyone, I am a baker-cake designer and I thought I would create this group so I can share my tips and tricks with you all and maby even learn something along the way that I didnt even know. Feel free to ask questions, post comments, etc.

Happy Baking & Be Blessed

Brittney Eury
Nov 21, 2011

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Well Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I am going to be making alot of yummy sweet goodness. Pumpkin pies, chocolate peanut butter fudge, shortbread cookies, possible a red velvet cake, chocolate peanut butter balls or squares, and a few pies. yum my mouth is already watering.... WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE MAKING FOR THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS? I wanna know all about it. I hope everyone is in good health.

Happy Baking & Be Blessed

Brittney Eury
Oct 14, 2011

What have you baked latly?

hey everyone what have you baked latly? I have recently baked 4 batches of no bake cookes, a vanilla cake, chocolate cake, fudge cake,lemon cake, and rice krispe treats. I am working on a recipe I am going to be trying really soon. Its Chocolate brownies with mint buttercream and chocolate ganache. dosnt that sound yummy?

Brittney Eury
Oct 12, 2011

Business Name

hey everyone and welcome all new members. feel free to ask questions and post comments. I have been baking and decorating for years and I is finally time for me to take my business one step futher and I need your help. I need a business name! I am a country girl so it has to be something that fits my personality also i love cottages so if we could combine the two it would be great. i had thought about country cottage signature sweet shoppe but dosnt it seem a little long? thanks in advance.

happy baking and be blessed!

Brittney Eury
Sep 22, 2011

Butter or Margarine

When baking witch do you perfer butter or margarine and why?

Darla Hill
Sep 21, 2011

new member

Hello Brittney,

I love making cake but i hate foundant so i try to stay o top of thing while working with good old butter cream.. please take a look at my work.. Fruit basket cake also stop by my group hanging with the hills

Brittney Eury
Sep 18, 2011

lets start a discussion!

What have you baked or cooked sweet latly?

jan gerold
Aug 24, 2011

lg batch of brownies

We have a camporee this week-end and we are having about 50 people coming to it and I am suppose to make brownies for this but I would like to know , I have a Large box of cake mix here ar you able to use something like that to make brownies that will turn out good enough to eat , and I wanted to frost them also . I need some help is there anyone out there that can help me out , Please .

Jane Walker
Aug 24, 2011

Greasy cupcake liners

Hi! I am an avid baker, but seem to have one problem that I cannot solve. Sometimes the cupcakes come out and are very greasy on the bottom. I follow the measurements for the fat, whether it is butter or oil depending on the recipe, but have had times when they just seem overly greasy. Any suggestions?