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A place for old friends.And new friends to meet. share ricipes. stories. And friends. What a place this will be.

iris mccall
Jun 15, 2017

Bye for now Momma♡♡♡♡

That's my mama y'all, get your rest mama, see you soon.

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sallye bates
Feb 26, 2017

A new group has been launched

Click on the link to see what it's all about

I hope you will join in the fun.

sallye bates
Dec 31, 2015


I hope everyone has a safe and delightful New Year's Eve. This is a picture of Sixth Street in downtown Austin. If you celebrate outside your home, please be safe and choose a designated driver. If you celebrate at home, please be safe and don't undo so many agraffes that you have a hangover on New Year's Day.

Here's wishing you a brand new shiny and bright New Year that will exceed all your greatest expectations.

I find it hard to believe that I enjoyed being a part of the festivities there when I was younger.

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Ginny Chisaakay
Dec 29, 2015

Happy New Year greeting!

saying helloMerry Christmas everybody! Its me Ginny/Casserroo! I am alive and just wanted to say hello and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! I am going to my friends house on New Year's eve for Chinese food. Hope life is great to all of you? Life is finally turning around for me. I am back among the living. My sadness and depression over my Husband's death is left me and I am now back smiling and wanting to share, laugh, love, and live again.
So, I look forward to being more active on living once more.
One of my wishes I want to accomplish this year is to make the banic recipe I posted. I have been unable to make it and eat it. There were too many memories associated with it. But I think I can handle it now!
Ginny/Casserroo :-)

sallye bates
Aug 17, 2015



There's a new group in town:


This is a blatant ripoff of Master Chef's Mystery Box Challenge (thanks Gordon Ramsey for the idea).
The idea is to let your creative spirit soar while you imagine and create a new dish using a pre-selected ingredient. Every few days we will post an ingredient.

1. You must use that ingredient in your recipe.
2. You can use as many other ingredients from the Front Porch bottomless pantry as needed to create your recipe.
3. The recipe must be your original creation (no snitching now)
4. You can create and post more than one recipe if desired.
5. Post the recipe(s) here for all to marvel at and enjoy.
6. There will be no judging or awarding of prizes. THIS IS FOR FUN ONLY.
7. Let your imagination soar to new heights; it will invigorate you.


Hope you'll join us there.

sallye bates
Dec 24, 2014


Christmas thoughts
Five years ago our lives changed forever.

On October 19, 2009 my first great grandchild arrived with great joy and celebration. She was also the first grandchild in either family.

On November 29, the day after we had all gathered for a joyous rowdy Thanksgiving celebration, my beloved daughter-in-law (the new paternal grandma), suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and was transported the 30 miles from their country home to the trauma center in Austin. Her vitals were flat when she arrived at the emergency room, so it was touch and go for the first few hours.

We spent many hours during the next 14 days while she lay in a coma in intensive care wondering if she would ever awake, much less be able to talk or walk or function again. Finally after 21 days, she awoke and was transferred to the Critical Care unit..

On Christmas day, we all visited her for a couple of hours, and helped her open her Christmas presents, then we went to my daughter’s house for a Christmas dinner.

Little did we know that 5 days later, on December 30 at approximate 4 AM, my daughter would suffer a massive hemorrhagic stroke and lay undiscovered until 7 AM when my son-in-law awoke and went to see why she wasn’t in bed with him. Thank goodness the EMT were there within minutes; and the hospital was only 3 minutes from their house. The neurosurgeon on call cautioned us that because of the extended time she was in distress it was probable that “even if she did survive, her quality of life would be more or less a vegetative state”.

Once again, we had long vigils at the hospital while we prayed and waited for her to awake from a coma. They had operated on her brain the day she was admitted to relieve the pressure from the humongous blood clot that covered the entire right side of her cranium.

They were in different hospitals across town from each other, so it kept us hopping commuting from one hospital to the other.

Thank God for such wonderful family and friends; both waiting rooms were always full of supportive people just being there to love and comfort us. Many prayers in all religions were lifted up all over the world on behalf of both my beloved girls.

My daughter-in-law now has 90% physical recovery through sheer determination and hard work during therapy. She is still a little adrift sometimes mentally (short term memory). She has just now begun to drive again around their small town outside Austin.

My daughter is very alert mentally, and physically she is healthy. She has not been able to totally regain the use of her left side motor skills, however. The physical therapists are certain that they will be able to make that happen, but it has been a long frustrating journey for a person who was always a tomboy “jock”, very active physically, to be dependent on other people. But I believe her determination and spirit will prevail, she will walk again one day soon.

We celebrate the birth of Christ on this day, and I would like to proclaim that truly God does work miracles. I see the results and thank God for two of them every day.


Big Texas hugs for each of you and your families.