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I've been collecting, implementing, and sharing family and food traditions for many years. I love inspiring others to be intentional about traditions, since I believe they're the glue that holds family and friends together! I've started a facebook page called "JOY on the Journey" as a place to share family traditions. As an "empty nester," I'm hoping to finally have time to finish the family traditions book I started working on close to 20 years ago! I've found so many great recipes and cooks on the Just a Pinch Recipe Club site! I'm hoping many of you will join me on this journey to encourage and share "food traditions!" Thank you in advance!
Jamie in Georgia

Carol Parkhurst
Dec 24, 2013


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Oct 16, 2013


Looks like a wonderful group in here. Can't wait to see all of tour recipes.

karyn ryan
Sep 16, 2013

Hello from Ireland

hello everybody

My name is Karyn and I live in Ireland across the ocean from you, in town called Meath. I got my love for baking from my nana. I am lucky to have all my nana's note books with old family recipes given to her by her mother and grand mother. have posted two favourites, her Irish soda bread and her whiskey cake. looking forward to sharing recipes and stories with you all "The Whiskey under the Sink" Tea cake
and Nana Kathleen's Irish white Soda fruit bread

Jamie Wyatt
Sep 9, 2011

Family Pancake Traditions!

This is a link to a story I wrote about our family's "pancake tradition."

Please "Like" my "JOY on the Journey" facebook page for sharing family traditions! Thanks!

I'll try to post these recipes in the appropriate forms, soon.

Aug 24, 2011

Family Beach Trip

Every year my Mother's side of the family has a beach trip in August. Last Saturday was our 30th year. My Grandparents began this party as a fish fry but now,everyone brings whatever they want to eat. The beach opens at 6 a.m and my cousin and an Aunt spends the night before in their motor homes and stakes out a place for everyone. Who ever comes early is greeted with breakfast. We had pancakes, zucchini bread,eggs,sausages,O.J,milk and coffee. There aren't too many people at 6! By 11 or 12 there are over 100 people,some swim,play cards,sit and talk. Pretty soon all the cooks begin to cook. Most people still fry fish but there is BBQ ribs,chicken,fried chicken,mac&cheese,green beans,salads of all kinds,hot dogs,hamburgers,steaks,grilled veggies. Everyone puts their food out on tables and everyone is welcome to share .
Those who have ice cream makers are encouraged to bring them and make homemade vanilla ice cream,there was also my Aunt's famous pound cake,apple pie,a cousin works at Cheesecake factory,so there were cheesecakes,cookies,my cousin made a wonderful praline pecan ice cream topping.
Everything was delicious and it was so good to see everyone,from my Aunt's 101 year old Mother in law to the newest cousin's baby 4 month old attended.
My Uncle and cousin in particular invite people they met all during the year. Every year there are more and more family and friends!
Check out my zucchini bread,hush puppies,fried seafood and my cousin's praline pecan ice cream sauce recipes,delicious!
Family and Traditions are truly what it's all about!

Jamie Wyatt
Aug 17, 2011

Welcome New Members! Thanks for Joining the Group!

I'm looking forward to y'all sharing your favorite memories an traditions, and the recipes that go along with them! I've started a page on facebook to complement this group, so please go to the page, and click "Like," if you're on facebook!

Start Posting, Ladies!

Susan McDowell
Aug 15, 2011

Lazonia my sister inlaw taught me to make

this lazonia my sister inlaw showed me how to make for an aniversery dinner .It is good and easy to make.
Here is the recipe
home made Lazonia
2 boxes Oven ready Lazonia noodles
3 big cans of favorite spagatii sauce
2 jars of mushrooms
2 pound of sausage
2 pounds hamberger
2 pounds of shreaded cheese
1 Large container of cottage cheese
Parmastion cheese to sprinkle on top
cook your spagatti sause in slow cooker for about for hours add watter if it gets to thick.
cook hamberger , and sausage in separate pan until done drain set aside.then mix the cheese with cottage cheese, set aside.
place your oven ready noodles in bottom of a turkey roasting pan, then put cooked sauce over it just to cover noodles, then meat,then mushrooms, then the cheese and cottage cheese mixture. then put another layer of noodles do this until everything is used up, on top you put parmastion cheese. Then you cook it at 350 degrees for 2 hours covered with the lid, make garlic toast with it, get some sliced bread spread butter on it sprinkle it with garlic salt, then broil it until it is brown. then you are done.