Charcoal Grillin'!

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I created this group to share some of my recipes from the charcoal grill. I refuse to cook on a gas grill because I dont get the same results with flavor! Please join and share your favorite flavorful grillin' recipes!

Danielle Matthews
Aug 31, 2011

Going camping!

Over the weekend we will be going camping with a couple other families...friday is my 25th birthday so I really want to grill something that will WOW everyone, any ideas???

Danielle Matthews
Aug 21, 2011


Hello everyone! I'm currently working on some new recipes and at the same time using some great ones from y'all for my son's first birthday party! I will post pics of everyone enjoying your great recipes! Thank you everyone! :)

Danielle Matthews
Aug 11, 2011

Welcome Everyone!

Hello! As im new to this website, I am so excited to try out everyones grilling recipes! I've been trying to perfect my grilling skills for the past couple of years now, and I must say, I'm getting better at it! My mother taught me my whole life the "in the kitchen" cooking so I'm excited to be trying new things! I'm also looking into attending culinary school here in Knoxville and can't wait to share some more recipes with y'all! I will be posting more recipes and pictures as I make them. I'm currently battling a pretty nasty sinus infection so I hope to be outside with my beloved BBQ grill soon! Enjoy your evening everyone! :)