"After School or Work" Snacks

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Everybody likes to have a snack after a long day. Let's share our different ideas and recipes for everyone to enjoy!

peggy mathis
Jan 6, 2012

Oh My Goodness

I just adore Just A Pinch Recipe Club. There are so many great groups. This site saves me money. Keeps me from cruising the web looking for clothes sales. Honestly, to me the sales are still not what I want to pay. However, I will buy groceries to make a great sounding recipe. Do I make sense? hahaha....love to eat!

Terri Wiley
Nov 24, 2011


Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving" Hope everyone has a great Family Day! I'm very Thankful for my wonderful Family. All my friends at "Just a Pinch", My good health and a wonderful job that I love going to. What's your Thankfuls? Please share.

Terri Wiley
Nov 10, 2011

Hi Everyone

Not liking this cold weather. We actually got snow the other day and I'm not a huge fan. Anyways, who has a good idea for a hot snack for the kids after school. I'm looking for some new ideas because to be honest with you I have no ideas that are coming to mind.



Terri Wiley
Nov 1, 2011

The Day After...

Well, I hope everyone had fun last night for Halloween. We had great weather and alot of trick or treaters were out. I gave out little baggies of goodies that contained a few little toys and some candy to go along with it. We seen alot of cool and cute costumes. One of mine dressed as a cowboy, one dressed like a flapper from the older days and one went as a lumberjack. So So cute. My husband didn't dress up but did eat his share of candy. Now today we need to go through all the candy and freeze up some of the candy bars so everyone don't just eat one after another. Let us know what you did or dressed up like. Any cool happenings?

Terri Wiley
Oct 19, 2011

New Idea

I love the recipe for Pretzel Kisses. Thanks Debbie for sharing that. I have made the ones before that have a pretzel, caramel, and a pecan but never thought of trying something else like this recipe. Can't wait to try them out. I think I might use the reeses pieces instead of the m & m's. My family really prefers them. Thanks again.

Terri Wiley
Oct 15, 2011

Halloween is Coming!

What's everyone doing for Halloween? Do you have a tradition you would like to share? This year we have a cowboy, a Flapper (which I must say looks amazing) a lumberjack, and a zombie bride. It's going to be fun. Every year our tradition is one parent takes the children around to the houses while the other one stays home to hand out candy and toys. The one parent who stays home also has to have a pot of chili, summer sausage, cheese and crackers ready to eat when we all get home. Usually it is cool outside so by the time we make it back home we really need that warm bowl of chili!

Terri Wiley
Oct 11, 2011

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all the great snack ideas. Keep them coming! Love to try new things. What's everyone think of the new Cookbook feature?