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Do you love muffins? I do! Let's share muffin and mini bread recipes. Include Breakfast,lunch or dinner muffins.

Melanie B62
Apr 18, 2014

So many memories!

I just added an old family recipe for Refrigerator Bran Muffins. They are so good and not too bad for you. There are probably similar recipes on the site already but this has always been my favorite.
Refrigerator Bran Muffins

Robynne Glenn
Aug 26, 2011

Maple Muffin Help!

Hi everyone! I made a new recipe for Maple Muffins and was disappointed in the results, but feel they have potential. I would love suggestions to increase the flavor and wow factor. Please take into consideration that my real maple syrup was no longer good, so I had no choice but to use maple syrup from the grocery store. I don't know if that alone made all the difference or not. I have only used real maple syrup to make ice cream.
Morning Maple Muffins~Robynne

Aug 18, 2011


Welcome Susan and Mary,glad to have you both join the group! I'm hoping you'll add to the growing number of great sounding muffins here!

Carol Junkins
Aug 14, 2011

Hi LaWanda !

Nice Group ! Great idea, love muffins and cupcakes! I am sure many will join ~

Aug 14, 2011


Welcome Darla,glad to see you here! I look forward to sharing your muffin recipes!

Aug 14, 2011


Welcome Roda and thanks for sharing the blueberry muffin recipe,that's one of my favorites! I look forward t sharing more muffins with you!

Debbie Lepine Pier
Aug 14, 2011

Love makeing the Muffins

Hello everyone, My name is Deb And I am from Nebraska...Just love making all kinds of Muffins, I cant wait to try some your recipes. I am always looking for a good one to try. I have one i have been using for sometime now, because it seems the family likes that the best..I need More!

Darla Clark
Aug 14, 2011

Muffin-aholic LOL

My name is Darla and I am from East Texas and I LOVE to make muffins. I have a muffin cookbook and it has 128 pages of muffins! I told my fiance' that I was gonna work through the whole book and make every one in there one day! :) I hope to find some more good muffin recipes here a well as share some of mine.