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Beloved Daughter: May you find this place to be a safe haven of encouragement, hope, food for your soul and most of all realize that "You Are a Daughter of the King." --- God Blessing's to you and yours, Kim Biegacki

Kim Biegacki
May 4, 2017

Good morning Daughter's of the King. I've been missing in action for awhile.

I hope all is well with you & yours. I want to get caught up & start my groups up again. How was everyone's Easter? Did you get to spend time with family & friends?

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Anit bent
Oct 12, 2017

update on Evan and Kylina

Evan is awake!!!! praise the Lord!!!!
we still don't know how bad his injures are going to leave him, but this is a big step. still needing prayers for his healing and for his family's strength.

Nor M.
Sep 7, 2017

Happy 50th Birthday Kim

Please wish Kim a Happy day!

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Anit bent
Sep 1, 2017

911 prayers needed

my daughter-in-law's grandpa pat has been taken to the hospital for chest pain and a low heart rate of 39.

Anit bent
Aug 31, 2017

update and prayer request for Evan and Kylina

Kylina has woke up from her coma. waiting to find out what condition her broken back is going to leave her in.
Evan is still in a coma but has be moved to stable.
Evan's mother will be on the 10 clock news tonight (fox31 Denver)
Family is very thankful for all the prays.

Anit bent
Aug 17, 2017

prayer request for Evan and Kylina

on the Tuesday the 15th a family was ran over by their car. their car had broken down, they was standing in front of the car when a semi going 75 mph hit the back end of their car, which caused the car to run them over. the wife (Kylina) has a broken spine. and the husband (Evan) is in critical condition. he has (closed brain injure) bleeding in the brain, both knees are dislocated, ribs broken, lung bruised, shoulders broken, broken arm, and broken leg. Thank God their children was not with them.

Anit bent
Jul 23, 2017

prayer request

My son's army buddy (Jason) has just found out that he has the new agent orange from the burn pits in middle east. I don't know a lot about it but they say it is a death sentence. please pray for Jason and his new wife.
Thank you

Sharon Colyer
May 29, 2017


Monday morning my husband had a serious heart attack & also has pneumonia. They are only giving him a 5% chance of survival. He seemed okay yesterday, but he had a mild fever for 3 days that would show up in the afternoon until evening. He wasn't coughing much for a person who smokes, so we didn't think it was serious. He had talked to our daughter-in-law about it, she is a dr. & didn't seem worried. We are so sad... Thanks for any prayers.