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I wanted a site where we could search for just the main focus of a meal. We have so many fabulous dishes and cooks getting lost in other catagories. This way if we are in a hurry for a main meal we can search quickly.Hope we all share our best dish without a lot of sweets. We have lots of sweet groups and I love most of them and don't have any trouble finding all types of goodies there.Thanks and I look forward to our project.So guys and girls give us your dish from crock pots to casseroles to baked and fried we need them all...

George Levinthal
Feb 12, 2017

Quick & Easy One-Pot Dinner

I made this on Thursday night for a quick easy dinner. I had almost everything in the house I needed and it look less than an hour to get everything out, prep, cook and serve. It was a pan of goodness, warmth and comfort. I'm embarrassed to say but my wife and I finished the whole pan.

Easy, Breezy One Pot Dinner

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Cindi Bauer
Nov 29, 2014

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich... "YUM"

I've never had a turkey and cranberry sandwich, not until 5 years ago, and after I came across this recipe, which was posted by Emily Mathews at The turkey and cranberry sauce goes so well together, plus the bacon, mayo, and provolone cheese, brings this sandwich over the top. I love this sandwich, and hope others will give it a try!

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

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Brandy Male
Jun 24, 2012

Roast Beef

Any one have a good roast beef recipe? I am looking to change things up a bit and could use your help.

Brandy Male
Mar 31, 2012

Good Morning Everyone..

Send us your best easy dish during a long work week.

Brandy Male
Mar 21, 2012

Simple Supper

I am making skillet potatoes with onion and bell pepper.and anything else I can think of to toss in, with jalepeno cornbread and longhorn cheese ( hard cheddar) and sliced tomatoes.

Brandy Male
Mar 18, 2012

Thank You

For all the delicious entree's you guys are posting..Now what to try first uummm I want them all. Again thanks and keep posting.

Brandy Male
Feb 11, 2012

Pot Roast

Today I made roast in the crock pot. The kind with the mushroom soup and veggie. I also added some onion soup mix in the soup to ump the flavor. Banana pudding made last night and some cornbread. Wanted today to be stress free to clean the house. and tonight we are going to watch Red Dawn Movie. My daughter has not seen it. She was to young when it came out.Whatever you do enjoy your day.

Brandy Male
Feb 5, 2012

Good Morning Girls

Lovin the recipes we are collecting. I love all my peeps in this amazing family we call JAPS. The stories of our lives are a treasure for me.