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Polish food's is really good and tasty. Mom made Polish food's all the time. My grand Dad and Grand mother where POLISH. They came to the USA from Poland. I done some research and my Great Grant Parents came from Warsaw Poland

Kim Biegacki
Mar 19, 2015

So, my Polish friends who all buys or makes their butter lamb for Easter?

Here is the one I started making a few years ago for our Easter celebrations. Woolly Butter Lamb

Kim Biegacki
Feb 17, 2015

Happy "Fat Tuesday"! Whose had their Paczki today?

I stopped at a local bakery to pick up my pre-ordered Paczki's and had some breakfast with a friend. I had a Warsaw Omelet and my friend Laura had a egg & cheese bagel sandwich along with a shot of Polish vodka for breakfast. We both had Paczki...mine was a custard filled and she got a plain one that was sugar coated. ---- Then, I was off delivering Packzi to my husband for his co-workers, took a dozen to my veterinarians office and a dozen to our groomers...of course I had to let them know Paczki (our male Schnoodle) was who requested they get some "REAL" Packzi. Everyone was excited and hopefully enjoyed their donuts too. Here is a recipe to make some homemade Paczki which is a little lighter of a recipe for these donuts. As when you make these when they are frying up become hollow inside and very easy to fill. The one's we had today were heavier but still just as delicious! Paczki - Famous Polish Donuts

Nor D.
Jan 17, 2014

Polish traditions

Many fond memories growing up eating Polish foods prepred by my Grandma and Mom.

Kim Biegacki
Jan 13, 2014

Hello my Polish friends.....I wanted to share a few of my recipes with you...

This is my most recent recipe that I have added and originally got from one of my polish cooking classes last year called Kielbasa in Apricot Rum it ever delish!!!
I also shared two more recipes from my classes last year and then a family favorite as I am sure it is one of yours too.
Hunters Stew (Polish)
White Borscht - Polish Easter Soup - Bialy Barszcz
Kielbasa in Apricot Rum Sauce

Hope you'll enjoy my additions...looking forward to browsing through the "POLISH" recipes that have been added to the group.

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Carol Parkhurst
Jul 9, 2013

Polish dishes

hi Sienna,
My grandparents were from Warsaw. Gram used to make Borscht. All I know she served it cold with sour cream. I do know there was never any meat in it. I have never made it, but somewheres I have a recipe for it. She was a great cook. Her apple pie was the best, wish I had paid more attention as I lived with my grandparents until my early teens.

sienna kluza
Jul 16, 2012


my great grandparents were from poland, in fact they lived in a small village, but forgot the name. i am looking for a recipe for borscht, my grandma used pork in it and no one in my family ever made it, dont know why. but i loved it. so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Jean Alphin
Mar 9, 2012

I'm a Newbie!

Hello group, My grandmom was from Poland,we weren't that close,because of all the drama,when my mother and father got a divorce when I was eight yo. My mom made some polish meals,but I tried after I got married,to dupicate her potatoe pancakes,pigs in a blanket and peroies.But they didn't taste the same.She didn't have recipes,she had everything stored in her head. When she was living,she would say,"one of these days you'll get it right". So I hope I can learn here.