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People who has dietabetis, and has Hep.C which is a liver infection, I really need help with this, cause I need to learn how to eat good for my detiabetis, and my Hep.C. Please help me

Elizabeth Bowers
Jul 29, 2011

I need to learn how to find foods that is good for my dietabetis, and my Hep.C. which is a liver infection, and see getting ready to start my treatments soon, I need to learn what I can eat, and not eat, while I am on this med. and it not affect my sugar

See I will love for anyone to share some good recipes with me, for dietabetics,I know some but not a lot, and some of the ones I know I do not like, so can someone share some good food and recipes to share with me. So I can learn how to eat healthy, and it not affect my sugar levels, plus I am suppose to start my liver treatments soon, and i DON'T KNOW HOW IT WELL AFFECT MY EATTING, AND MY SUGAR LEVELS, SO PLESE HELP ME TO FIND FOODS THAT WELL HELP ME NOT INCREASE MY SUGAR LEVELS WHILE ON THIS MED.. tHANK u