Cooking with Beer and other Alcohol

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You don't have to just drink alcohol to enjoy. There are so many recipes that are for cooking with Beer, and other flavored alcohols, that are just fantastic. This is a group to share those unusual recipes.

kathy ryder
Apr 17, 2013


Sure like to know what to cook with what wines and such but hopefully ill follow some hints here out But is there anytthing that goes hand in hand or anything that dont go with like pork or such?Reason is im making my chicken fried steak and gravy and it came out good when i cooked it last but i didnt do anything fancy HOWEVER is there anything that best will make this cube steak come out MORE TENDER im cooking it wednesday at 3 pm EDT thanks all

allison templin
Apr 8, 2012


Did some drunk chicken at out family reunion this weekend that was awesome! I don't drink alchahol but I do like to cook with it every once in a while and I love drunk chicken!

Jeannie Burke
Oct 27, 2011

Beer marinated chicken

Hi all! Liquor etc. really imparts a great flavor! I have a question about the chicken I marinated overnight in beer...can I slow cook it in a crock to make pulled chicken or will the beer impart a nasty flavor? Thanks!

Penny Hall
Oct 22, 2011

Hello All!

I have too many irons in the fire right now, and have not posted many recipes. Cooking with alcohol has been a preferred method to bring flavor to foods since Medieval times, and we have just expanded that method.

Roberta Savio
Oct 21, 2011


Hi from VA, (originally from NY/NJ) I grew up cooking with wines and absolutely love it. Most of the time when I buy a bottle of wine for my of it actually goes in my cooking.
Glad to find this and happy you included my mussel recipe.
Thanks Penny!!

Tess (TJM) Moore
Oct 14, 2011


I'm so glad to find this group... I love cooking with alcohols, especially wines... I wouldn't say my recipes are unusual, but I really enjoy incorporating wine into them... thank you for starting this group...this is encouraging, I've encountered lots of people that feel like using alcohol in food is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

Glenda Ferrara
Aug 13, 2011


I add Brandy to a number of recipies. When using beef drippings a little Brandy adds a great zing to the sauce. I also use Dry Sherry, and Marsala. Wine is also a favorite to use in sauces and gravys. Chambord is awesome with Vanilla ice cream. We don't drink, but certainly have a large amount of booze on hand!