ParkerMarti's "The Golden Kitchen Table"

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This is "The Golden Kitchen Table" - - Where those who savor & cherrish the memories of family gatherings & those coveted "For Special Occassions Only" Recipes from Grandma & Mother, Great Aunt Agnes & Cousin Millie made & placed on the feasting table! Those cakes & pies, cookies & fudge. Homemade sauces & gravies, pastas & breads. The candied yams, salads & soups. Stuffed Peppers, Beef Briskettes, Turkeys, Chickens, Hams & Lambs! Even some recipes that they would make up that turned out to be the "Best" on the table!
Now we will gather at "The Golden Kitchen Table" to share & taste the cherrished favorites of other families next door, around the block, across the street, the state, country, - - the globe! - - so please, come, bring a cup of coffee & sit at ParkerMarti's "The Golden Kitchen Table" & thumb through our treasure trove of "Recipes Of Memories"!! To contact ParkerMarti, send an email to ParkerMarti at: TheGoldenKitchenTable@(yahoo or gmail).com &/or at: recipesofmemories@ (yahoo or gmail).com - - "Thanks, and now, - - Let's start sharing!! - - - ParkerMarti

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