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I have always loved all berry recipes, but cranberries are my favorite. The "Kitchen Crew" has named me the Cranberry Queen now !!! haha The first Ocean Spray building started in my home town of Hanson, MA.
This group is for all berry recipes as we can interchange them in any recipe.
Berries are so healthy for you as well. Believe it or not I can pick blueberries right in my home town as well.
Berries are a great anti-oxidant as we are all learning. So lets get baking some of the many recipes here to choose from and can make during the Holidays. I grew up in New England. Please add any recipes for main meals, desserts, drinks, sauces, puddings, appetizers.

Carol Junkins
Feb 2, 2017

Did you know that?

Did you know that?
*Salted water boils faster
* A tablespoon of butter or oil added to the cooking water for pasta will keep the water from boiling over
* All vegetables that grow above the ground should be put on to cook in rapidly boiling water
* All vegetables that grow below the ground should be put on to cook in cold water *
* The addition of parsley in a recipe containing garlic will offset the aftertaste and odor.
*Ginger will accomplish the same thing in Oriental recipes.
*Whipped butter is more attractive, easier to spread, and one tends to use less. !
(although whipped butter is more expensive at the market, you can whip your own with your electric mixer and enjoy the difference without the expense.)
*Relishes were the colonial substitute for salads. To "eat with relish" as the saying goes, is to enjoy indeed, and Americans are the greatest users of relish in the world.

Carol Junkins
Dec 5, 2016

Hello all !

Looking for some new Cranberry recipes to make for Christmas !!!! Hope someone can post a few new ones for me that you have made and liked !!!!
Please? :)

Jean Fisher
Nov 24, 2016

New recipe

Trying a new cranberry salad recipe. The cranberries were cooked with a stick of cinnamon. Delicious flavor. I will share the recipe later once I have tasted the salad. It is for a family Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Carol Junkins
Nov 22, 2016

Going to make my:

Cape Cod Cranberry Cookies
Perfect for a Thanksgiving treat ! Easy too!

Carol Junkins
Nov 22, 2016

Making my favorite Blueberry Pie today !

Fresh picked by me down in Cape Cod last summer, the best blueberry pie I have ever had, got the recipe from an old friend many years ago that had lived down the Cape all of his life and never went off the Cape or over the Bridge ! Wonderful person, he has passed now. Blueberry Pie