Medieval Recipes

Hosted by Penny Hall
Group active since Sat, Jul 23, 2011

I have friends I work with that are in a non-profit Renaissance Group and make up their own recipes. I have recipes her thanks to my friend Kari McCarter.
Green grow the fields of the Lair,
Ripe with abundant harvest to share.
Said the Baron from the Loch,
“Your cooks are poor stock,
And the food that they cook is foul fare.”
Salty and barren are the wastes of Loch Salann,
Rats gnaw upon the bones of the fallen.
Said Baron Carter the Bald,
“Your cooks are quite auld,
And as dry as the late summer pollen.”
After these cutting words were spoken,
The truce between the Baronies was broken
The cooks grabbed their spoons,
And met after noon,
Stoked by hateful words, with tempers a-smokin’.
The theme being “Bounty of Flock and of Field”,
The challenge – three simple dishes to yield
Prepared from the harvest
Flavored with local zest
The Baronial Battle of Bounty’s weapons are revealed.
We begin our repast with a local dish
Sautéed gently, we present herbed fish
His last swim in ale,
Without head or tail,
That you enjoy his delicate flavor is our wish.
Field and Flock is the theme, so you cry
Out of water, a fish would certainly die.
And so would the flock
And the fields turn to rock
So the trout fits the theme, if you’re sly.
Glazed in honey as golden as the sun,
Root vegetables prepared by young Thorvaldsen.
Carrots quite sweet
Become a fine treat
When served with parsnips and turnips for fun.
For dessert, we offer this log for you to eat
Spiced cake with apple cream, deliciously sweet,
Candied petals – do try one
And acorns, just for fun,
Try a mushroom, take a nibble to stay petite.
We thank you for tasting our courses,
And invite you to read through our sources,
We hope you decide
To let fortune ride,
And vote for Gryphon’s Lair without remorse.

Sasha Kamen
Jan 30, 2014


Why are there recipes in this group that are not in any way medieval? Purple Cow? Really? I would really like a group that stuck to authentic medieval, and perhaps even classical, pre-Christian foods. Some years ago my husband and I organized a medieval feast for our church. We had lots of cooks involved in the preparations and had a great time.

Stormy Stewart
Jul 23, 2011

Congrats, another fine group

I love these kinds of groups. they keep past knowledge alive. Sometimes it is just to see how backwards they were.

Did you know that one of the first recorded spells was a nursery rhyme? Here it is

Rain Rain,
go away,
come back again,
another day.
Little Tommy,
wants to play.