wisconsin's cheeseheads

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If u r from Wisconsin,,,,come join my group and share ideas,,recipes,,,hints and more...but,,,anyone can join!!

sally tews
May 14, 2012

cheese curds

I am living in Ca. and I found CHEESE CURDS!
My daughter also lives here and I told her what I found,she was soooo excited.Well I made her french fried cheese curds.I made her soooooo happy.Made my day.I hope to find them again.

Pat Duran
May 13, 2012


I'm not from Wisconsin- but I do love cheese and love to use it in cooking and baking.

Karen Carr
Apr 20, 2012

Love my "Cheese"!

I have always LOVED cheddar cheese!.....the sharper the better. I have a 5 year old granddaughter who is a cheese lover also!....she has to be watched on her intake due to constipation!.LOL!!.....I love most dishes that contain cheese in them. I also have watch my intake due to cholesterol and keeping my weight down to a comfortable and "healthy" level for me, so I don't eat as much as I would love to. But welcome any yummy recipe that contains lots of cheese! Glad to have found this group!...I am and have always been a "Cheesehead"!!

Lorie Zelle
Apr 20, 2012

Rainy day recipe

Just posted a perfect recipe for today's cool, rainy weather. Its called Broccoli Casserole and its from a cousin of mine. It is very yummy and of course we add lots of Cheddar cheese to it. My only problem is how to get into this group's recipe file. Any help?

Roda Laser
Feb 4, 2012

I love cheese

I'm not from Wisconsin, but I do love cheese and am glad that I found this group. :)

virginia parrish
Jan 22, 2012

What gives cheddar cheese its taste?

I absolutely love medium to sharp cheddar cheese but after finding out my cholesterol is 255 bad 195 & my good is only 47 I have to drastically change my diet. Does any one know what gives cheddar its taste?

Jan 16, 2012

NEW GROUP - "We Love Oatmeal"

Hello fellow "Wisconsinites"!
I just created a new group called "We Love Oatmeal" as I didn't see one (surprising!!). Please join me and share your favorite recipes that contain oatmeal/oats. Thanks!


Elaine Kolpack
Jan 15, 2012


Packers vs Giants getting ready to start. If you are a true cheesehead lets cheer those boys on.